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Katy Independent School District

Frequently Asked Questions

​Katy ISD Parent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Feb 15
Can the District have summer enrichment classes for elementary students?

There are state regulations for remediation for grades fifth through eighth but summer programs would have to take into account for facility, faculty, and transportation cost.  

Feb 15
How can the District incorporate more outdoor learning or recess at the elementary level to help release stress and pressure of the day?

As a District, we offer our students a tremendous amount of extracurricular activities at all levels of education which the District hopes to tap in to what stimulates and excites students. 

Feb 15
As classroom management at the elementary level is becoming increasingly difficult, teachers seem to be relying on “marks” to note “wrong” behavior. There are 36 sub categories of things they can do “wrong” with no categories of positive behavior.

​As a District we support and focus on positive behavior and use the card as a way to monitor behavior.  The District can look at creating a new more positive card.​

Feb 15
How does Katy ISD plan on funding and using cameras in the classroom?

This was a state mandated bill that passed with no funding.  There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered like “do we need dedicated rooms” and “what will the process be to handle a situation”.  As soon as these questions are answered, we can move forward with how the District will fund and handle

Feb 15
Is the District utilizing the new Katy ISD technology, specifically Canvas and Katy Cloud, for research based studies and online testing and what about having more sites available to students?

​Every child learns differently and every teacher teaches differently, so the District has both technology and traditional research methods and testing methods available to the students of Katy ISD.  In regards to having more sites available to the students the District chose to stay away from using too many so that it could monitor and control these sites.  ​

Feb 15
Why are students not given the option to access to hardcopy traditional textbooks when online books prove to be frustrating or a waste of valuable study time?

Students do have the option to request textbooks.  They need to contact the campus textbook coordinator.

Feb 15
Why does the District focus it’s time on successes and not the items we need to work on?

It is all in perception, as a District we feel we spend too much time on the negative areas.  The negative perception usually comes from outside of the District and the community has shown to be supportive.  When looking at this optimistically, the District needs to look at what makes the District better and celebrate those successes.  The District needs positive people with positive energy.  

Oct 29
Our kids have longs days if we ask them to come early in the morning or stay late for intervention. What can the District do to help?

The District is constantly looking at new ways to help with our special education, 504, and dyslexia programs.  It is important that the District deliver the Dyslexia Intervention Program with fidelity.  At the same time, dyslexia students often have need for instructional support in one or more content areas where reading is required.  Most parents do not want their child to miss art, music, or recess in order to get additional instructional support.  The parent also expressed her belief that not all teachers do not have a good understanding of what dyslexia is and how it can impact a student’s performance in the classroom.  To address this concern, an overview of dyslexia will be added to the mandatory on-line trainings for 2016-17 that all teachers must review.

Oct 29
Does the administration have any comments on Donna Bahorich being appointed as head of e State Board of Education, especially with her children having received private and homeschool Educations?

No. District officials have met with her several times before she was appointed to her current position.  She asked all the right questions, she is passionate about her job, and she wants what is best for students.

Oct 29
What is the timeline for a complete integration of Canvas and online textbooks? Why do parents need a separate log in from a student’s log in?

​Canvas is an on line learning platform for all our students.  It is a great tool for sending and receiving information between students and teachers and between students if working on projects.  The District has provided IPads and hotspots for students to check out and use at their convenience.  Parents are required to have a separate log in from their students so that they can only see their child's grades and information.

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