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Compulsory Attendance: It's the Law > Excused Absences

Student absences are considered excused for the following reasons:

  1. Personal illness – parent note or phone call required;
  2. Death of an immediate family member (immediate family is defined as parent, guardian, grandparent, sibling of the student or parent, or a person living in the home) -- parent note required;
  3. Emergency in immediate family (as defined at item #2);
  4. Illness of the student’s child with note;
  5. School-imposed absence necessary to treat lice;
  6. Ongoing medical or psychiatric treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis, etc. with a doctor note indicating specific timeframes and anticipated absences);
  7. Olympic-caliber competition [with application approved by principal; up to ten (10) days per school year];
  8. Removal by CPS/law enforcement and related days [including an arrest or incarceration for non-school related matters or incarceration beyond three (3) days for school-related matters (if not withdrawn)];
  9. Homeland security and visa appointment (passport/INS/visa/residency; with documentation requiring appearance and proof of attendance);
  10. Sounding taps for a military honor funeral;
  11. Mandated court appearance with documentation of requirement (subpoena/court order) and attendance;
  12. Appointment with health care professional such as a doctor, dentist, psychiatrist, or licensed professional psychologist:
  • Partial day, or
  • Full day;

An appointment with a health care professional would include a visit to a doctor or dental office, a speech therapist, a master’s level social worker, a psychologist, or a professional under the order of a medical doctor. An appointment with a dietician, nutritionist, family therapist, family counselor, recreational therapist, etc. would not be considered a health care professional for excused absence purposes.

  1. Mentorship absence required to complete DAP or high school graduation;
  2. Homebound instruction (CEHI-approved, including PEP students);
  3. Medicaid-eligible; participating in Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program (with documentation);
  4. Nurse sent home from school;
  5. Out-of-school suspension for disciplinary reason [including an arrest or incarceration for school-related matters for up to three (3) days];
  6. Observance of a religious holy day of obligation including a maximum of one day travel to and one day travel from the site if applicable (requires all missed assignments to be successfully completed within the timeframe established by the teacher);
  7. School-sponsored curricular or extracurricular activity that is NOT UIL related;
  8. UIL activity (requires principal approval);
  9. College visit -- one in junior year; one in senior year (with prior approval and appropriate verification);
  10. Activity required by a probation officer (other than court appearances) or Human Services activity required by a caseworker (with documentation; requires all missed assignments to be successfully completed within the timeframe established by the teacher).
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