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Katy Independent School District

Police Department

Course Descriptions

Emergency Vehicle Operations

​In this course students will become familiar with terminology, driving skills, and liability issues that relate to operating emergency vehicles. This includes hands on driving exercises that will enhance an officer's ability to operate a vehicle during an emergency situation by teaching personal and vehicle control limitations.

Field Training Officer

The course is based on TCOLE curriculum and will provide the aspiring Field Training Officer with the teaching of supervisory skills necessary to assist new recruits in any law enforcement discipline including dispatchers, detention, records and patrol.  The course will train the FTO on how to assist recruits in successfully transitioning from a classroom setting to an actual hands-on/field assignment.  The course includes training in instructional techniques, training methodology, coaching and evaluation, counseling, remedial training and documentation. ​

Fundamentals of DWI

This course will give you a brief overview on the Fundamentals of DWI Investigations and Enforcement. It will improve the skills for law enforcement officers in detecting and arresting impaired drivers, preparing for cases for prosecution, and a brief overview on Field Sobriety Tests. This course will provide law enforcement officers in knowing the functions it takes to process a DWI Investigation.  

Off Duty Encounters

This 2 day (16 Hr) course is designed to prepare Officers for situations that may require intervention while off duty. Students will learn the appropriate actions to be used during an off duty encounter and the appropriate actions an off duty officer should use when confronted by another member of law enforcement. Students will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of carry, brands and types of holsters and different makes and models of off duty firearms. This course includes both range time and class room time.

No weapons smaller than .380 caliber, 200 rounds of ammo, off duty style weapon and holster, range style attire.

Police Bike Class

 The Police Bike Patrol class is a physically demanding class and you do need to be prepared for it.  This class will test you physically and mentally.  It is a class that you need to be prepared for in advance by riding anywhere from 5-10 miles or more a day leading up to the class. During the class you will be doing skills testing to see how well you can control the bike and operate the gears while riding.  We will be riding anywhere from 10 to 25 miles a day which will include concrete trails, hills, and dirt trails.  The instructors do everything they can to make it a fun and enjoyable class as well as ensuring everyone passes.  In the past there have been several people drop from the class or the instructor has had to send them home because they physically could not do the skills testing or keep up on the group rides.  In all these cases, the student advised the instructors that they did not prepare for the class and had not been training on a bike. If you prepare for the class, you'll do fine.  Also, please remember to hydrate a few days leading up to the class and all through the class.  It is suggested you bring several water bottles and if you have a Camelbak, bring it.  We will take several breaks during the day to keep everyone hydrated.  Also, please bring extra tubes and patch kits for your bikes.  Someone will experience flat tires. You need to be prepared for the class when you show up on the first day.  It will be an enjoyable class if you are prepared.  Clothing for the class will be workout attire (i.e. shorts, t-shirts, running shoes) or whatever the weather dictates.  Don't forget, your helmet is mandatory and gloves are highly recommended. 


The student will learn operating principals for police traffic RADAR and LIDAR. The course consists of approximately four hours of classroom training and outside hands on operation of RADAR and LIDAR. Students are to bring a working handheld police RADAR and/or LIDAR if possible. Depending on the time of year and weather sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the weather is recommended. 

​Rifle Tactics 

This course is designed to teach Police Officers to build off skills learned in the basic patrol rifle class. Officers will become more proficient and confident in the use and deployment of the patrol rifle.  Topics will refresh the Officer's basic knowledge of the patrol rifle. Additional topics / range time will challenge Officer's skills with reloads, malfunctions, movement to and from cover and concealment, communication and Officer Down Drills. 

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