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Katy Independent School District

Office of Other Languages

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 Jennifer Perepeluk
Instructional Officer

 Mission Statement

The Katy ISD Elementary ESL program seeks to provide a quality content-based ESL program that differentiates instruction according to each student's level of language proficiency in order to scaffold instruction across all content areas while supporting the affective, linguistic and cognitive needs of each elementary ESL student.

Program Goals

Goal 1: Affective - English Language Learners are provided instruction using second language acquisition methods in English to introduce basic concepts of the school environment which instills confidence, self-assurance, and a positive identity with their cultural heritage. The program addresses the history and cultural heritage associated with both the students' home language and the United States.

Goal 2: Linguistic – English Language Learners are provided intensive instruction to develop proficiency in the comprehension, speaking, reading and composition of the English language. Instruction in academic content areas is structured to ensure that the students master the required essential knowledge and skills and higher order thinking skills.

Goal 3: Cognitive – English Language Learners are provided instruction in English across the content areas utilizing second language acquisition methods to ensure mastery of the grade level essential knowledge and skills and higher order thinking skills.

Program Model

Katy ISD offers content-based ESL and ESL pull-out models.  All Katy ISD students will develop English proficiency through content-based instruction.  ESL instruction is an integral part of content instruction model of instruction. ESL students are eligible to receive ESL accommodations to provide the support needed to comprehend the grade level content material while acquiring the English language. ESL students may receive ESL instruction from:

  • Their grade level ESL certified classroom teacher (advanced/advanced high proficiency level students)

  • An ESL ISST (Instructional Support Specialty Teacher) who may provide instruction in the grade level classroom (intermediate proficiency level students)

  • And/or through "pull-out" for 1st year recent immigrants who are non-English speaking (beginning proficiency level students)

The ESL ISST and the grade level classroom teacher(s) will collaborate to provide the best learning environment for your child. The needs may change throughout the year as your child develops his/her English language proficiency. 

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Elementary ESL

Jennifer Perepeluk
Instructional Officer for Elementary ESL
Tamie Fons
Program Facilitator
Kathy McKeever
Program Facilitator
Kelli Rivera
Program Facilitator
Gigi Transou
Program Facilitator
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