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Building Tomorrow Together 2014 Bond
Varsity Women’s Choir earned Sweepstakes!
The Varsity Women’s Choir earned a sweepstakes at UIL contest on 3/27.



May STAAR EOC at KHSMay STAAR EOC at KHS2014-04-23T21:17:50Z<div class="ExternalClass656960AE93A34EAAB443BD0B4C46E730"><p>​<strong style="line-height:1.5;">May STAAR EOC at KHS</strong></p><p>Monday, May 5, 2014 – Biology STAAR EOC</p><p>Tuesday, May 6, 2014 – Algebra 1 STAAR EOC </p><p>Wednesday, May 7, 2014 – US History STAAR EOC </p><ul><li>Testing will run from 7:30-11:30 on all 3 days with an extended 1<sup>st</sup>, 2<sup>nd</sup> and 3<sup>rd</sup> period class for all other students.  At 11:30 students who are not finished testing will be escorted and consolidated into an overflow testing room to continue until testing time has expired.  All others will be released to lunch and 4<sup>th</sup> period class.  </li></ul><ul><li>Room assignments will be posted throughout the building by the day before each test</li><li>Classes from the 9<sup>th</sup> grade center and upstairs back A wing have been relocated.  New locations will also be posted.  </li><li>On days when they are testing, students report directly to their testing rooms at the 7:30 AM bell.​</li></ul></div>
Katy ISD Announces Campus Teacher of the Year FinalistsKaty ISD Announces Campus Teacher of the Year Finalists2014-04-22T13:27:44Z<div class="ExternalClass13F21C9A9894450D9F80540249EA9418"><p>​<span style="line-height:1.5;">Katy Independent School District recently announced the six </span><strong style="line-height:1.5;">Campus Teacher of the Year Finalists</strong><span style="line-height:1.5;"> advancing to the next stage in the District-wide Teacher of the Year process. </span><span style="line-height:1.5;">​</span></p><p>The 2014 Elementary Teacher of the Year Finalists are<strong> Jana Miller, </strong>Katy Elementary; <strong>Krista Mayzer,</strong> Kilpatrick Elementary; and<strong> Karla Teague</strong>, Mayde Creek Elementary. The Secondary Teacher of the Year Finalists are <strong>Stephen Bennett, </strong>Cardiff Junior High; <strong>Kelly Hume</strong>, Katy High School; and <strong>Jayson Hill, </strong>Tompkins High School.</p><p>Along with the Teacher of the Year Finalists, Katy ISD celebrates all of the 2014 campus-level nominees:</p><p><strong>Elementary: Julie Buller</strong>, Alexander Elementary<strong>; Judy Butler</strong>, Bear Creek Elementary;<strong> Kelli Tharp</strong>, Cimarron Elementary; <strong>Mary-Lou Iovine</strong>, Creech Elementary; <strong>Lora Hodges</strong>, Exley Elementary; <strong>Lucía Bayliss</strong>, Fielder Elementary; <strong>Jennie Smith</strong>, Franz Elementary;<strong> Rebecca Sustaita</strong>, Golbow Elementary; <strong>Ruth Turner</strong>, Griffin Elementary; <strong>Katie Silva</strong>, Hayes Elementary; <strong>Barbara Jinkins</strong>, Holland Elementary; <strong>Nanci McFarland</strong>, Hutsell Elementary; <strong>Tasneem Abousteit</strong>, King Elementary; <strong>Stephen Crawford</strong>, McRoberts Elementary;<strong> Rita Lozano</strong>, Memorial Parkway Elementary; <strong>Tamara Bryan</strong>, Morton Ranch Elementary; <strong>Brian Krauklis</strong>, Nottingham Country Elementary; <strong>Myla Fales</strong>, Pattison Elementary; <strong>Ashley Beierle</strong>, Rhoads Elementary; <strong>Linda Rowe</strong>, Rylander Elementary; <strong>Kiana Johnson</strong>, Schmalz Elementary; <strong>JeanAnn Naumann</strong>, Shafer Elementary; <strong>Heather Gower</strong>, Stanley Elemenary; <strong>Christie Ombrog</strong>, Stephens Elementary; <strong>Cynthia (Cindy) Guaman</strong>, Sundown Elementary;<strong> Celeste Bezner</strong>, West Memorial Elementary; <strong>Keri Morton</strong>, Williams Elementary; <strong>Jenny Heinold</strong>, Wilson Elementary; <strong>Sara Bergstrom</strong>, Winborn Elementary; <strong>Lindsay Campbell</strong>, Wolfe Elementary; <strong>Michele Hobizal</strong>, Wolman Elementary; and <strong>Anna Barnes</strong>, WoodCreek Elementary.</p><p><strong>Secondary: Kevin LaFollett</strong>, Beck Jr. High; <strong>Jamie Inlow</strong>, Beckendorff Jr. High; <strong>Amy Curwood</strong>, Behavior Transition Program; <strong>Sherri Wagner</strong>, Cinco Ranch High School; <strong>Erin Segreto</strong>, Cinco Ranch Jr. High; <strong>Elizabeth Flowers</strong>, Katy Jr. High; <strong>Mary Dawson</strong>, Mayde Creek High School;<strong> Aimee Cantrell</strong>, Mayde Creek Jr. High; <strong>Virginia Mosley</strong>, McDonald Jr. High; <strong>Jennifer Page</strong>, McMeans Jr. High; <strong>Melanie Beisert</strong>, Memorial Parkway Jr. High; <strong>Marlys Jaime</strong>, Miller Career & Technology Center; <strong>Karen Denise Sparks</strong>, Morton Ranch High School; <strong>Alisha Krcek</strong>, Morton Ranch Jr. High; <strong>Pat Spaulding</strong>, Opportunity Awareness Center; <strong>Jonathon Gutierrez</strong>, Raines High School;<strong> Jay Kolkman</strong>, Seven Lakes High School; <strong>Abel Acosta</strong>, Seven Lakes Jr. High; <strong>Kristi Kuzma</strong>, Taylor High School; <strong>Tina Dycus</strong>, West Memorial Jr. High; <strong>Jonathan Lawson</strong>, WoodCreek Jr. High.</p><p>All of the 2014 Teachers of the Year, along with the District-wide Outstanding First Year Teachers of the Year, will be recognized at a special recognition on April 29.</p></div>
SPRING FINAL EXAMSSPRING FINAL EXAMS2014-04-21T18:08:08Z<div class="ExternalClass523DA2F795E3450ABD74B7606D3A2AA0"><p>​<span style="line-height:1.5;">The </span><a href="/campus/KHS/Documents/Spring%202014%20Final%20Exam%20Schedule%20and%20Exemption%20Info.pdf" style="line-height:1.5;">Spring Final Exam Schedule and Procedures for Exam Exemptions</a><span style="line-height:1.5;"> are on the </span><a href="/campus/KHS/Pages/default.aspx" style="line-height:1.5;">KHS website</a><span style="line-height:1.5;"> under CAMPUS > PUBLICATIONS AND DOCUMENTS.</span></p><p><strong>Students who meet all the requirements for exemptions except the attendance requirement may apply for an exception.  The deadline for submitting an APPLICATION FOR AN EXCEPTION TO THE EXAM EXEMPTION GUIDELINES BASED UPON EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES for the spring semester is Thursday, May 22, 2014 3:00 PM.</strong></p><ul><li>The Extenuating Circumstances Committee can only consider exception for up to (2) absences <span style="text-decoration:underline;">over the limit required by the district Exemption Guidelines</span>.  Students with more than (5) absences per semester cannot be considered.</li><li>The three circumstances that usually warrant an exception are absences that involve death of family member, illness <strong>involving hospitalization</strong> and days missed due to injuries received while participating in an event or contest representing Katy High School. </li><li>Documentation must accompany the application. </li><li>Students may obtain an application from their grade-level Assistant Principal's Office or print a copy from the campus website [file name:  <a href="/campus/KHS/Documents/Extenuating%20Circumstances%20Application%20(Exemptions).pdf">Extenuating Circumstances Application (Exemptions)</a>].</li><li>Applications must be returned to the student's Assistant Principal's office by the deadline.​</li></ul></div>

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