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WoodCreek Junior High


What is Pep Squad?

Pep Squad is a school spirit organization with the purpose of promoting school spirit by participating at athletic events. As recognized school leaders, Pep Squad members are expected to be positive role models at school and in their community. Any boy or girl interested in participating in cheerleader tryouts in the spring must have met their pep squad requirements (six events, and good standing in academics and behavior) before being eligible for tryouts.


Pep-Squad Guidelines
2017-2018 Pep Squad Packet.pdf


WoodCreek Junior High Pep Squad Rules and Expectations

Please read the rules and expectations very carefully. All guidelines will be strictly enforced.

A. Purpose

  • Encouraging the spectators to become involved.
  • Maintaining and promoting school spirit, loyalty and pride.
  • Providing service to the team, school and community through continued support of each team.
  • Encouraging and upholding of good sportsmanship on and off the field/floor.


B. Conduct

1. Pep Squad members are expected to be school leaders at all times and to uphold the highest personal standards.

2. You must act in a respectable manner at all times, remembering that you represent WoodCreek Junior High School.

3. Pep Squad members are to practice good sportsmanship at all times, promote sportsmanship among all spectators and avoid emotional outbursts, whether the team wins or loses.

4. Be familiar with all cheers, as well as game rules and be ready to follow cheers from the cheerleaders at appropriate times.

5. You will not use CELL PHONE and/or technology, drink, eat, chew gum, comb hair, apply make-up or visit with friends during performances or games. Bathroom stops should be taken before a game or after the game.

6. Display teamwork and unity at all Pep Squad activities

7. Follow all athletic and Pep Squad conduct rules outlined in the Katy ISD Jr. High Cheerleader Guidelines handbook.


C. Uniforms

1. All parts of the uniform (shirt, hair accessories, etc.) shall be the same for all members of each squad.  Hair is to be neatly groomed at all times.

2. All parts of the uniform are to be kept clean throughout the season. All cleaning and repairs will be the responsibility of each member.  All squad members shall wear Pep Squad shirt to ALL games.

3. Cell phones must be off and put away during practice and game time or they will be confiscated. If you have your phone out during a game you will be asked to leave and you will not receive credit for that event.

4. When you arrive at games/practices, at the assigned time, you must be dressed, fed and ready to cheer/practice.


D.  Suspensions and Dismissal

Pep Squad members will be suspended or dismissed for one or more of the following major violations:

1. Any violation as defined in the school conduct code and/or Junior High Cheerleader handbook.

2. Use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or drugs at any time.

3. Use of profane or obscene language and gestures.

4. Excessive boy/girl relationships on school grounds.

5. Failure to attend practices or games.

6. Uncooperative attitude within the squad or at school.

a. Any problem will be discussed with coaches in private.

b. Concerns of any member will be solved within the group and not become a school problem.

c. Pep Squad members will reflect team effort rather than individual concerns.

d. Disrespect shown to a coach or another team member will

not be acceptable and will result in disciplinary action.

e. Bullying another teammate or student on social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc…).

7. Un-sportsmanlike behavior.

8. Leaving a game or any other event without permission.

9. Skipping a class.

10. Suspension/ISS

** All suspensions and dismissals will be at the discretion and final word of the coach/advisor. Parents will be notified when a suspension or dismissal occurs.

**Any school discipline policy in effect at the time that may be more restrictive will take precedence over the Pep Squad policy.


E. Transportation

1. Pep Squad members will provide their own transportation to and from all events.

2.  Pep Squad members will be picked up from events ON TIME.  The first time you are left 10 minutes passed the pick-up time will be a warning.  The second timewill be dismissal from the Squad.

F. Academic Requirements

1. Any Pep Squad member who receives lower than a 70 in any subject, for any grading period will be placed on Academic suspension as outlined in the Jr. High Cheerleader Handbook.

For example: A student accumulating two (2) or more failing grades on a report card in any class in any of the six-weeks grading periods will be dismissed from the squad.


To be a WoodCreek Jr. High Cheerleader: You must successfully fulfill membership in the WoodCreek Jr. High Pep Squad. You must hold an overall academic grade average of at least 75 in all classes at the 4th six weeks report card.  You must not make more than 2 “N” marks in conduct for any six weeks. You must try out for Cheerleader in the Spring. Joining Pep Squad DOES NOT guarantee you a spot on the Cheer Squad.



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