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2014/2015 Volunteer of the Year 2014/2015 Volunteer of the Year <div class="ExternalClassC406B0DA1CE84826B5A6C03C82CE109B"><p>​<strong>Our 2014/2015 Volunteer of the Year winner is:  Joanie Andrew.</strong>  Mrs. Andrew is currently co-chair of Project Grad, was President of TPA for two years and has served in other positions as well, assists with athletic events and is at school most of the time.  She selflessly works to assist wherever she can and always has a smile on her face.  Please help us in congratulating Mrs. Andrew for her true Mustang Spirit and Volunteer of the Year award.​</p></div>
Katy ISD Announces Class of 2015 Top 10 GraduatesKaty ISD Announces Class of 2015 Top 10 Graduates<div class="ExternalClassD801969DBCF74B2597CAD820938DC5DF"><p>​<span style="line-height:1.5;">In just a few weeks, more than 3,500 seniors will walk across the stage at the Leonard E. Merrell Center during the 2015 graduation ceremonies. Katy ISD congratulates all graduates and wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavors. </span></p><p>The District is proud to announce this year's<strong> Top 10 students </strong>from each of its six comprehensive high schools. Congratulations to:</p><table width="100%" class="ms-rteTable-default" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:50%;"><p><strong> </strong><strong style="line-height:1.5;">Cinco Ranch High School:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Valedictorian:</strong> Haochen Peng</li><li><strong>Salutatorian:</strong> Jenny Ailin Xiao</li></ul><ul><li><strong>No. 3:</strong> JiWoo Lee</li><li><strong>No. 4:</strong> Raeedah Choudhury</li><li><strong>No. 5: </strong>Gauri Bora</li><li><strong>No. 6 (tie):</strong> Jacqueline Huang</li><li><strong>No. 6 (tie): </strong>Chenxi Zhang</li><li><strong>No. 8:</strong> Emily Liu</li><li><strong>No. 9:</strong> Yeeun Jung</li><li><strong>No. 10:</strong> Diana Zhang</li></ul></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:50%;"><p><strong> </strong><strong style="line-height:1.5;">Katy High School:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Valedictorian:</strong> Carolyn Kate Baxter</li><li><strong>Salutatorian:</strong> Manuel Jose Marin</li><li><strong>No. 3: </strong>John Paul Couvillion</li><li><strong>No. 4:</strong> Andres Rivera-Vazquez</li><li><strong>No. 5: </strong>Bryce Augusto Gutierrez</li><li><strong>No. 6:</strong> William Keith Boyles Kramer</li><li><strong>No. 7 (tie):</strong> John Michael Robertson</li><li><strong>No. 7 (tie):</strong> William Riley Shuping</li><li><strong>No. 8 (tie):</strong> Marisa Ann Braden</li><li><strong>No. 8 (tie): </strong>Kaitlin Elizabeth Elena Miller</li><li><strong>No. 10 (tie): </strong>Luke Adam Spies</li><li><strong>No. 10 (tie):</strong> Yijie Tang</li></ul></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><p><strong> </strong><strong style="line-height:1.5;">Mayde Creek High School:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Valedictorian: </strong>Sarah El-Agha</li><li><strong>Salutatorian:</strong> Fatema Taha Shipchandler</li></ul><ul><li><strong>No. 3: </strong>Andrew Soewito</li><li><strong>No. 4 (tie):</strong> Nabil Khan</li><li><strong>No. 4 (tie):</strong> Kyle Hunter McCaslin</li><li><strong>No. 6:</strong> Sheikh Abrar Razzaque</li><li><strong>No. 7:</strong> Brandon Bui</li><li><strong>No. 8:</strong> Jasmine Aleese Zenn</li><li><strong>No. 9:</strong> Peter Soewito</li><li><strong>No. 10:</strong> Alyssa Nicole Dubrow</li></ul></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><p><strong> </strong><strong style="line-height:1.5;">Morton Ranch High School:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Valedictorian:</strong> Jenna Dahyun Breedlove</li><li><strong>Salutatorian:</strong> Kevin Saravia</li><li><strong>No. 3:</strong> Marin Eder Cabrera</li><li><strong>No. 4: </strong>Bridgette Stephanie Guzman</li><li><strong>No. 5:</strong> Bunga Adlina Ghassani</li><li><strong>No. 6 (tie): </strong>Austin Quentin Fullmer </li><li><strong>No. 6 (tie): </strong>Sarah Elaine Parker</li><li><strong>No. 8:</strong> Kelly Michelle Rivas</li><li><strong>No. 9:</strong> Kiara Mariana Salamonovitz</li><li><strong>No. 10:</strong> Pauline Clerigo Lao</li></ul></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><p><strong> </strong><strong style="line-height:1.5;">Seven Lakes High School:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Valedictorian:</strong> David Jiaqi Shu</li><li><strong>Salutatorian:</strong> Sameer Suresh</li></ul><ul><li><strong>No. 3:</strong> Oluwatofe Temitola Alimi</li><li><strong>No. 4:</strong> Laura Hu</li><li><strong>No. 5:</strong> Deeksha Bidare</li><li><strong>No. 6: </strong>Yilun Wang</li><li><strong>No. 7:</strong> Felix Yanyi Wu</li><li><strong>No. 8: </strong>Rohan Chakraborty</li><li><strong>No. 9:</strong> Anirudh Mukhopadhyay</li><li><strong>No. 10:</strong> Melissa Fu</li></ul></td><td class="ms-rteTable-default"><p><strong> </strong><strong style="line-height:1.5;">Taylor High School:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Valedictorian:</strong> Andy Christopher Yu</li><li><strong>Salutatorian:</strong> Helen Kun Gai</li><li><strong>No. 3:</strong> James Yucheng Luo</li><li><strong>No. 4:</strong> Ishani Amit Desai</li><li><strong>No. 5 (tie):</strong> Benjamin Aaron Hlousek<strong> </strong></li><li><strong>No. 5 (tie):</strong> Sung Yeon Kim</li><li><strong>No. 7:</strong> Kevin Minh Khang Nguyen</li><li><strong>No. 8:</strong> John Kim</li></ul><ul><li><strong>No. 9:</strong> Kevin Xu</li></ul><ul><li><strong>No. 10:</strong> Krithika Kuppusamy​</li></ul></td></tr></tbody></table></div>
National Merit® $2500 Scholarship Winners AnnouncedNational Merit® $2500 Scholarship Winners Announced<div class="ExternalClass944064570EB240C19262A6F1E2916E10"><p>​<span style="line-height:1.5;">Today, National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced the 2015 winners of the prestigious $2500 National Merit Scholarship. Five Katy ISD students were named among only 2,500 designees across the nation.​</span></p><p>Katy ISD's National Merit Scholarship winners are:</p><ul><li><strong>Deeksha Bidare</strong>, Seven Lakes High School; probable career field: medicine</li><li><strong>Laura Hu</strong>, Seven Lakes High School; probable career field: economics</li><li><strong>Seo Yun Jang</strong>, Cinco Ranch High School; probable career field: chemical engineering</li><li><strong>Jiwoo Lee</strong>, Cinco Ranch High School; probable career field: engineering</li><li><strong>Leah Stevenson</strong>, Taylor High School; probable career field: chemistry</li></ul><p>These scholars were selected by a committee of college admissions officers and high school counselors, who appraised a substantial amount of information submitted by both the finalists and their high schools: the academic record, including difficulty level of subjects studies and grades earned; scores from two standardized tests; contributions and leadership in school and community activities; an essay written by the finalist; and a recommendation written by a high school official.</p><p>To date this academic year, Katy ISD has a total of 13 seniors receiving scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation – six Corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship winners, two National Achievement Scholarship winners, and the five students announced today. College-sponsored Merit Scholarship Winners are expected to be announced in late May. For more information, visit <a href="" style="text-decoration:underline;"></a>.</p></div>
Corporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarship Winners AnnouncedCorporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarship Winners Announced<div class="ExternalClassDEC8CA767DF04B598F426367CEBF759A"><p>​<span style="line-height:1.5;">A total of six Katy ISD students were recently selected by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as 2015 </span><strong style="line-height:1.5;">corporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarship</strong><span style="line-height:1.5;">® award winners. These students were selected among only 1,000 distinguished high school seniors across the country for scholarships financed by approximately 200 corporations, company foundations, and other business organizations.</span></p><p>The following six Katy ISD students have won 2015 corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarships:</p><ul><li><p><strong>Sumeet Agarwal</strong>, Cinco Ranch High School, is the recipient of the National Merit BP Foundation, Inc. Scholarship. Agarwal's probable career field is engineering.</p></li><li><p><strong>R</strong><strong>ohan Chakraborty</strong>, Seven Lakes High School, is the recipient of the National Merit BP Foundation, Inc. Scholarship. Chakraborty's probable career field is chemical engineering.</p></li><li><p><strong>Jeremiah Coholich</strong>, Taylor High School, is the recipient of the National Merit Chevron Scholarship. Coholich's probable career field is mechanical engineering. </p></li><li><p><strong>John Dial</strong>, Cinco Ranch High School, is the recipient of the National Merit Sogeti USA Scholarship. Dial's probable career field is chemical engineering.</p></li><li><p><strong>Kevin Xu</strong>, Taylor High School, is the recipient of the National Merit BP Foundation, Inc. Scholarship. Xu's probable career field is chemical engineering.</p></li><li><p><strong>Emily Zhang</strong>, Taylor High School, is the recipient of the National Merit Akzonobel Scholarship. Zhang's probable career field is medicine.</p></li></ul><p>These scholars were selected from students who advanced to the Finalist level in the National</p><p>Merit Scholarship competition and met the criteria of their scholarship sponsors. Corporate sponsors provide National Merit Scholarships for Finalists who are children of their employees, residents of communities the company serves, or who plan to pursue college majors or careers the sponsor wishes to encourage.</p><p><a href="" style="text-decoration:underline;">Click here</a> for more information about the corporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarships.</p></div>
Katy Summer Academic Term (Summer School)Katy Summer Academic Term (Summer School)<div class="ExternalClassF100E0D83F5D4A488DC015C403D1FB02"><p>​<span style="line-height:1.5;">Campus Registration will begin Tuesday, 4/7/2015</span></p><p>REGISTRATION PACKETS AVAILABLE STARTING 4/7/2015</p><p>High School will be held at Tompkins HS</p><p>Semester 1 – June 16-June 29</p><p>Semester 2 – June 30-July 16</p><p> </p><p>For questions please click <strong><a href="/dept/campusadmin/Pages/Summer-Term.aspx">HERE​</a></strong>.</p></div>
Fish Camp 2015Fish Camp 2015<div class="ExternalClass2936FB153E8A4449A99544C53A7BB435"><p>​Fish Camp 2015 for incoming Freshmen next fall, the class of 2019, will be held: </p><p> -Wednesday, August 19<sup>th<br></sup><span style="line-height:1.5;"> -Begins promptly at 8:30am<br></span><span style="line-height:1.5;"> -A postcard with more details will be mailed home this summer.</span><span style="line-height:1.5;">​</span></p></div>
2013-14 Federal Report Card2013-14 Federal Report Card<div class="ExternalClassA643F53423E7498E9787A0E41017EA7A"><p>​Katy ISD is sharing information about the State, district and your child's campus as part of our obligations under the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). An information letter, along with a copy of the 2013-14 Federal Report Cards for the State, district and your campus are available for your review in the front office of your school, or online at <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"></span></a></p></div>
Taylor High School Students Win Two National Debate TournamentsTaylor High School Students Win Two National Debate Tournaments<div class="ExternalClassEBFD447FE4B84ECF8AE4B1A3E6949CAD"><p><img alt="DSC_0680 small.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/DSC_0680%20small.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:294px;float:right;" />Taylor High School Policy Debate students <strong>Zaki Alattar</strong> and <strong>Albert Li</strong> recently became the <strong>2015 California Round Robin Champions</strong>, as well as the <strong>2015 California Invitational Champions</strong> at UC Berkeley.</p><p>After sweeping the UIL District Policy Debate Tournament this month, Alattar and Li beat 13 of the nation's top-ranked debate teams at the California Round Robin Tournament held at the College Preparatory School. The California Round Robin is unique from traditional tournaments in that the school invites experts on the year's resolution to judge the final round. Teams must also be ranked in the top 25 debate teams in the nation to be invited to this event.</p><p>Alattar and Li also attended the <a href="" style="text-decoration:underline;">California Invitational</a> at UC Berkeley and beat out 188 teams from across the country to become the 2015 California Invitational Champions.</p></div>
Follow Taylor High School on TwitterFollow Taylor High School on Twitter<div class="ExternalClass03C2716D1BE14BFF97259F2C634C5C80"><p>​<span style="color:#222222;font-size:14px;line-height:21px;background-color:#ffffff;">​Follow Mr. Stocks and Taylor High School on Twitter </span><strong style="font-size:14px;line-height:21px;color:#0033cc;background-color:#ffffff;"><a href="">@THS_Mustangs​</a></strong><span style="color:#222222;font-size:14px;line-height:21px;background-color:#ffffff;"> for news, comments, encouragement, reminders, and much more!</span>​</p></div>
Teacher of th​e Year 2014-2015Teacher of th​e Year 2014-2015<div class="ExternalClassF449987136FC453FBFF2DF3BD6987D50"><p>​Congratulations to <strong>Rick Filson</strong>, the Taylor High School 2014-15 Teacher of th​e Year!​​​​​​​​</p><p>Click <strong><a href="/campus/THS/Pages/TOTY.aspx">here</a></strong> to see photos.</p><p><br></p></div>
National Merit Finalists National Merit Finalists <div class="ExternalClassBAA1686D5E5E4B58A210811E535F7594"><p>​Click file below <span style="font-size:14px;line-height:21px;">to see a picture and list of the finalists.</span>​</p><p><a href="/campus/THS/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/NATIONAL-MERIT-FINALISTS-2014-2015.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />NATIONAL-MERIT-FINALISTS-2014-2015.pdf</a> </p></div>

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