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Katy Independent School District

Seven Lakes High School




Schedule changes will be granted for only the following reasons:  You are missing a core class, you already have a credit for the class, a Senior is missing a class required for graduation, there is a hole in your schedule, or a change in level for example -- PreAP to academic, etc.   No Elective Changes!! 


Alpha Split for 2017-2018 School Year.

Morningstar, Patti

Lead Counselor,
10, 11-12 
Last name (A - Cog)

 Cont act


Mata, Vicky

Counselor 10, 11-12
Last name (Coh - Holla)



Petersen, ShannonCounselor 10, 11-12
Last name (Hollo - Millh)
 Contact       281.237.9542

Norrell, Patty

Counselor 10, 11-12
 Last name (Mills - Schl)



Janda, Theresa

Counselor 10, 11-12
Last name (Schm - Z)



Lin wood, Dedrick

Counselor 9 
Last name (A - L)



Castellucci, Mary

Counselor 9
Last name (M - Z)



Ashley Burgeson

Testing Facilitator



Jane WelbornSecretary  Contact281.237.9180
Shaun LesterSecretary ​​ Contact281.237.2832
Whittington, Lori
Secretary (9th)





SAT and ACT Information

Attention Students who take the SAT and ACT with accommodations at SLHS; the following test dates are not available. 

Do not register for the following dates:

SAT:  8/25/18 and 03/09/19 Counselors are not available to test students those dates.

ACT:  12/08/19 – week of finals

High School Summer Academic Term

Face to Face Summer School 2018     


Summer School Location: Cinco Ranch High School

23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Katy, TX 77494

Semester 1: June 5th - June 14th

Semester 2: June 18th - July 3rd

Katy Bar Association Law Day Competition and Scholarship Program

Each year the Katy Bar Association (KBA) sponsors a scholarship program for deserving students who will be continuing their education beyond high school graduation. This year, the KBA is combining our program with a State Bar of Texas’s 2018 Law Day Competition.

Although the State Bar of Texas (SBOT) compe tition includes three (3) events: editorials, photography and posters, the KBA program will be limited to only editorials. The competition theme is “Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom.” The prompt for the editorial is: “Explain or depict why the separation of powers is important to preserving freedom.”

The following documents contain more information:

Junior Parent Night Presentation Documents - 2/15/2018

Dual Credit Presentation  

Law Day Essay Contest

Sixty years ago, in 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower established Law Day as a way to challenge Americans to understand how the rule of law impacts their lives and to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in a democracy. The State Bar of Texas and the Texas young lawyers Association, as well as the Katy Bar Association, celebrate the importance of the rule of law and its impact on our nation and local communities by hosting a statewide editorial contest.  There will be awards for First, Second and Third place to be used for college and the contest is open to all students.  The deadline for ALL entries is March 20, 2018, and should reflect the student's interpretation of the 2018 Law Day theme by responding to the following prompt:

Explain why the separation of powers is important to preserving freedom

For essay contest rules and application forms, please come to the Counselor's Office.

Miller Career & Technology Center

Miller Career & Technology Center will be hosting its annual Prospective Student Open House on Tuesday, January 23rd at 6:30pm. All 7th-11th grade students along with their parents are welcome to attend. There are over 21 programs available for students to explore and gain exposure to potential post-secondary or career opportunities. Don't miss out on the chance to see what Miller has to offer!

All seniors applying for college should be aware of these important dates!

December 1st deadline for applications and letters of recommendation is Thursday, October 26th.

January 1st deadlines for applications and letters of recommendation is Thursday November 9th.

Remember that the counselors need 21 school/business days to write the letters. 

Weekends and holidays should not be counted.  If you need any information please come by the counselor's office.

Introducing Micro-Scholarships

Looking for Scholarship Opportunities? Check out, a website where you can apply for "micro-scholarships" for up to 237 select colleges and universities in the United States. Students can earn a micro-scholarship for attending college fairs, getting a good grade in a class, or even filling out the FAFSA application. You can start accumulating scholarship awards as early as 9th grade!

1. Schedule Change Requests

Thursday, August 24 – Last day to turn in schedule change request to counselors offices by 3:00.  Remember no elective changes!  Students must in their correct classes by August 29th.

2. AP/Pre AP Course Entry/Exit Procedures

A student may exit within the following timelines:

First ten days of the course

Petition may be granted by the campus given input from the teacher, student performance in the course and availabili ty of space in the replacement course.

Upon the first progress report

Petition may be granted by the campus given input from the teacher, student performance in the course and availability of space in the replacement course.

At the end of the first grading period (for semester courses, this grading period would be the first of the semester).

Petition may be granted by the campus given input from the teacher, student performance in the course and availability of space in the replacement course. Students who earn an "F" at the end of a grading period will be removed from the course unless otherwise recommended by the teacher and administrator.

During the second grading period and throughout the remainder of the semester.

Only students with extenuating circumstances may exit the course.


How to access Naviance if you are enrolled in summer school!

Accessing Naviance when enrolled in Summer School.pdf



Your counselor needs at least 21 working days advanced notice to write a Recommendation Letter! Pick up a Personal Data Sheet and Counselor Checklist in the Counselors' Office, or print one off (tab to the right under College Applications and Other Information ). This is your first step in obtaining a letter of recommendation. 

Please notify the Counselor's Office of all scholarships received by sending us a copy of the award letter.  This information is needed whether the scholarship is accepted or not.

In addition to the scholarship bulletin, please check individual college websites for school specific scholarships. Check back often on this website and with colleges. University of Texas and Texas A&M have early deadlines for their freshman scholarships, check their website!


Workshops and Other Helpful Information:

J uniors:  Registration for Kaplan's FREE PSAT Prep Live has begun.  High-rated, expert instructors will review all the areas of the exam, streamed live online leading up to test day.  Register now by visiting  Register Now

Kaplan is offering FREE online PSAT
, SAT and ACT Practice Tests and Workshops.
Many of our free practice tests and workshops are Live Online, so students can attend from wherever the 
summer takes th em.   Visit     to see what is available.

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