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Katy Independent School District

Creech Elementary


My name is Jennifer Wilson and I am the school counselor at Betty Sue Creech Elementary.

As a counselor, my obligation is to the students. My counseling program is designed to provide opportunities to empower students academically, as well as with effective social and emotional skills for positive self-growth. As a counselor, I will be visible on campus, available and approachable to students and parents.​

Contact Information:


Office Phone: 281-237-8881


Core Essentials

Core Essentials™ is about helping to create a school culture that supports positive behavior, treating each other right, and instilling individual goal focus towards lifelong success. By addressing a particular character trait each month, students are made aware of how demonstrating these characteristics can support a healthier and safer environment for all. It helps make schools places our children want to be. 

We kick of each Core Essential on the first Wednesday of the month by wearing the designated  color of the month.   I will be discussing the character trait on morning announcements as well. 

Guidance Lessons

Guidance Lessons are taught in a classroom setting throughout the school year. Lessons are meant to meet the needs of every child from Kindergarten thru 5th grade. With the ever changing demands and influences in the lives of our children, learning can be impacted considerably therefore interventions are an integral part of the learning process. School Counseling at Creech Elementary is based upon giving students the tools to be successful in school. The goal is for those skills to be carried over into lifelong learning in all avenues including academics, personal, and social interaction.

Stop Bullying NOW!

As a part of the Katy ISD requirements students are provided information every year on bullying prevention.

For more information about Bullying , please click the STOP BULLYING sign to the right.


Procedure for Professional Evaluations

Parents may give questionnaires from professionals, i.e. doctor's evaluation, to their child's teacher.  The mailing address or fax number for the professional and contact information must also be provided.  If the child has two teachers, please send two questionnaires.  Once the teacher has completed the questionnaire, they will return it to me (Mrs. Wilson).  I (Mrs. Wilson) will mail or fax the questionnaire to the appropriate professional.  Thank you for you following the appropriate steps to ensure that your child's evaluation is received by the professional in a timely manner.    

TEA Met Standard - District & Campuses

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in its educational programs and/or activities, including career and technology programs, nor in its employment practices
and to provide equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

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