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Katy Independent School District

Patricia E. Paetow High School


Jordan Lambert, RN   281-234-5069

Heather Harbuck, RN    281-234-5043

Danita Lambert - Clinic Aide    281-234-5063


Clinic Fax: 281-644-1976 

PHS Clinic is open to students from 7:05 am – 3:05 pm on school days


 Attention staff and parent/guardians as we are still in cold/flu season, please take important preventive measures handwashing (soap and water best; hand sanitizer is second best), cover your cough/sneeze, STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK (fever > 100F, vomiting, diarrhea).  


Health & Nutrition 

Please encourage your child to start each day with a healthy breakfast and bring a water bottle to school to drink water throughout the day. The clinic does NOT have snacks. There are vending machines and the cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch for the students. Please partner with us in helping your child make good decisions so they can thrive in the classroom both physically and mentally.  



Important details 

If your student is ill during the school day, please encourage them to come to the clinic. Students should not text parents that they are ill. Any communication regarding illness should come from the clinic in order for an absence to be excused by the nurse. KISD has a 24 hour rule regarding fever (100.0 degrees or higher), vomiting and diarrhea. Please keep your student home until they are free of these symptoms without medication for 24 hours. Please inform the nurse if your child has been diagnosed with a contagious condition such as strep throat, pink eye, flu, ringworm, etc. If the parent/guardian cannot pick up the ill student, a photo ID and email consent must be emailed to attendance ( 9th/11th or 10th/12th) in order for PHS Clinic to release the student.



Health Forms 

To print off Katy ISD health related forms to give to the nurse for medication administration at school, please click on the “Health services link” at the top right of this page. It will redirect you to their page and you can click on the “medication” tab at the top and pick which form for you situation.  



Tips for medications at school 

  • All forms must be completely filled out with no blanks left or the form will be invalid for the nurse to use. For the dates, put the current date for the beginning and the end date August of the current school year. (Example: 2019-2020 school year: Current date (8/14/2019) and End date (8/01/2020) so if summer school is needed/wanted the form is valid for the full year.  

  • If your child needs to take medication at school for a short term (15 BUSINESS days or less, please use the 15 day or less form). The parent must complete and sign.  

  • If your child requires medication to be administered throughout the entire school year the more that 15 day form should be used OR an appropriate Action Plan for the condition. For example: If your child has Asthma, please use the Action Plan for Asthma and the Self administration form. In high school, students are allowed to carry asthma, anaphylaxis, or diabetes medications with the proper Action Plan and Self Administration form on file with the nurse. The nurse will give the student an ID card so teachers are aware that the nurse knows about the medication.  

  • All medications (Prescription and non-prescription) should be brought to the clinic once the child arrives to school. Students may transport prescription and nonprescription to and from school as long as the medication is not a controlled substance. Controlled substances must be brought to the clinic by a parent. 

  • Natural and/or homeopathic-like products, not FDA approved will not be dispensed in the school setting by school district personnel per Katy ISD policy.  

  • The clinic does NOT have stock medications. The only medications given to students is what is brought from home.  

  • Medications prescribed or requested to be given 3 times a day, or less are not to be given at school. The only exception to this rule is if a physician prescribes a specific time that is during school hours or the school nurse determines a special need is present for the student.  



Texas state law and Katy ISD requires that every student have current immunizations or have a current physician-provided medical exemption or a current state-issued affidavit for reasons of conscience exemption on file in order to attend school. Original forms for the reasons of conscience must be given to the school nurse to be kept on file. Copies are not valid. If you have any questions, please call/email/visit the nurse for immunization review.  




Students are encouraged to dress appropriate to Katy ISD school dress code. The Nurse does not have extra clothes in the clinic. Clothing situations will be handled with the students grade level Assistant Principals.   





All students new to school who did not attend a Texas school previously will be screened within a 120 days of enrollment. If the child has failed any of the screenings, the nurse will contact the parents of the child and a referral notice for a professional exam will be sent home. 



Change in Medical and Contact Information 

Please notify the nurse if your child has a change in their medical history. It is important that our records are up to date to best assist your child in the clinic. It is also important to keep contact information, phone numbers, and emergency contacts current.  



Please feel free to contact the campus nurse with any questions or concerns. It is our pleasure to partner with you in the health of your child at school! Thank you! 



Jordan Lambert, RN & Heather Harbuck, RN - PHS Campus Nurses 

Danita Lambert - PHS Clinic Aide

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