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Katy Independent School District

Opportunity Awareness Center

​General Information

Academic Management

Progress reports will be sent home weekly with the student. Every Monday students receive a progress report which includes progress in academic achievement and behavior; it will also indicate the student’s current level. The academic grades reflect cumulative progress for the grading period. This progress report is taken home, signed by parent(s) or guardian, and returned to homeroom teachers on Tuesday morning. Please review progress reports and report cards with your child. It is important to return them in a timely manner. If you do not receive a progress report each Monday from your student, please call the school to request a copy.




Each student will be assigned to an advisory period which will meet daily. Teachers will use this that time to discuss various educational topics or to provide tutorials. Counseling services may also be provided at this time.



Assignments for Absences

A student who anticipates an absence of three (3) or more days may request assignments by calling the office. Assignments will be requested from the teachers the day before they are to be picked up. Students absent fewer than three (3) days must request make-up work upon their return to school.

A student should not request home assignments unless he/she is able to work on them. The assignments will be due when the student returns to school if home assignments have been requested. The teacher may extend this period if conditions warrant.



Conversation Guidelines

Whenever conversation is allowed, it is to be appropriate. Students may not talk about drugs, alcohol use, sex, gangs, criminal escapades or any other subject deemed inappropriate by the OAC staff. Students may not have in their possession telephone numbers of other students or exchange them with other students at any time. Students may not exchange notes at any time. Students will not give gang signs or gestures even in greeting or write them on book covers, notebooks, etc.




Food and drink are to be consumed in the lunchroom only. Students may not have food, drink or candy in their possession at school. Students may not chew gum. Candy, chewing gum, mints, cough drops, breath sprays, etc. will not be allowed.



Grade Determination

The OAC follows the district guidelines for both junior and high school students in regard to grading standards, grade scales, and policies.





In order to make academic progress, it is essential that students have homework. All students are expected to complete homework assignments. Homework assignments are included in the weekly lesson plans.




Individual Counseling

Students may ask to see a counselor during the day. Students are encouraged to see counselors at times that do not interrupt the student’s academic day such as lunch, homeroom and after school. Work missed while a student is with a counselor on request must be made up. Requests to see a counselor are to be made through the classroom teacher or at a scheduled time as appropriate.





Students are to take their point sheets with them at all times. Students are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their eating area. Students who are inappropriate at lunch will lose points and privileges and will be removed to the principal/assistant principal’s office or the on-campus ACS. Students may not share food.




Lunch Money

Students may not borrow money from one another, staff, or from the office. Families qualifying for lunch assistance must be approved through food services. This form needs to be filled out annually and is available through the main office. District cafeteria policy states that a student can no longer charge a breakfast/lunch if funds are not available in the student’s account.




Make-up Work

If a student has missed work and his/her absence is not due to truancy, the teacher will make every effort to give the student the opportunity to make up the work. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a make-up schedule upon his/her return to school. The teacher will arrange for this time. If a test was scheduled before the student was absent, then the student may be required to take the test the day he/she returns.





Prescription and non-prescription medications are to be turned in to the office in their original containers and are to be accompanied by a note from the doctor stating the need for medication and directions for administering. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. No medication will be administered by any OAC staff unless the doctor’s note is current and specific for the student and for the diagnosed illness as stated in the doctor’s letter.

Students are not to have in their possession medication of any sort without a doctor’s statement of the emergency need for such.



 Report Cards

Report cards provide the student and his/her parents a cumulative report of the student’s progress in each course in which he/she is enrolled. Report cards will be mailed home.


Restroom Breaks

Students are to go to the restroom only with permission or at the designated times with their teachers. If, when a student enters the restroom there is anything out of order (smoke, untidiness, etc.) he/she is to report the situation immediately to a staff member, otherwise, he/she will be regarded as responsible for the situation and will be subject to consequences. Students are not to take pens, pencils or markers into the restroom.

Students may use the restroom during lunch period, with permission. Students are not to use the restroom between classes.




To ensure the safety of our campus all students are required to walk through a metal detector and to empty their pockets. A hand search may be deemed necessary. Students will be required to turn in jackets and coats at the beginning of each day. Students will be required to have their name or initials written in their jackets/coats for identification purposes. Any other items prohibited by the OAC will be kept in the office and the items(s) will be held until a parent picks them up. Students who have permission and a written pass to be in the hallway are to move quickly to their destinations. There is to be no physical contact at any time. Discipline consequences will result. Students may not talk in the hall.




Students need paper, pencils (non-mechanical) and folders upon arrival at OAC. All items must be labeled for identification purposes. A student must have the minimum required materials to begin the OAC program. Students are not allowed to bring backpacks, pens, colored markers, liquid paper, or binders.




An integral part of the instructional program in our school is the use of technology. Through the District’s electronic communications systems, students have access to hundreds of databases, libraries, and computer services all over the world. With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility. Students are expected to observe appropriate network etiquette and to be responsible users of technology. One of the networks student can access is Internet. Before students can utilize this resource, they (along with their parents) must sign a user’s agreement, which is included in the intake packet. Inappropriate use of any electronic communications resources will result in loss of the privilege to use this tool.



Students are not to use the school telephone without permission. Students needing to use the school phone may request to see the counselor or the assistant principal in order to obtain permission.

Permission will be granted for serious or emergency reasons only
. Once a student has been suspended and parental contact has been made or a student leaves the building after or during school, they will not be allowed to return to use the phone. NOTE: OAC students are strictly prohibited from possessing telephones or paging devices on school property.




OAC students are to be only on the OAC campus. Students may not be on any other Katy ISD property or attend any school-related functions for any reason. The Notification of Trespass Laws and Official Warning Form is signed by the student, parent and OAC representative at intake. Katy ISD Police Department will issue Trespass warnings and citations, as warranted.



The District will provide transportation from designated pick-up and drop-off points to students placed at the OAC. Secondary students assigned to the OAC MUST ride a school bus to and from the OAC unless they are transported to/from the facility by a parent, guardian or designee. Failure to comply with the transportation rules will result in disciplinary consequences, extension of placement and/or police intervention. Bus transportation to OAC is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused. The bus rules will be discussed at intake.

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It is the policy of Katy ISD not to discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, religion, color, gender, age, or national origin
in its educational programs and/or activities, including career and technology programs, nor in its employment practices
and to provide equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

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