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Katy Independent School District

Opportunity Awareness Center

​​Early Release Option

Early release will be defined as students able to return to their home campus prior to the end of their assignment or their 75-day review under certain specified conditions. Specifically, students must have clearly demonstrated exemplary behavior during their entire stay at the OAC.

Early release would be based on:

  1. successful completion of the level system

  2. no suspensions, police interventions, or Guidance Center assignments

  3. no truancies or excessive unexcused absences

  4. requires a recommendation from an OAC administrator

  5. agreement between the home campus principal, OAC principal and the student’s parents

  6. maintain passing grades

  7. students who return to OAC more than once in a school year are not eligible for early release


Please note:  

  1. Students whose early release falls on Monday of the last week of a six weeks grading period will remain at OAC until the end of the six weeks.

  2. Students whose early release falls during the last three weeks of a semester will remain on the OAC campus, but will be allowed to attend after school activities sponsored by the home campus during that time period as long as no disciplinary infractions are committed at the OAC or home campus.

"A student who is required to register as a sex offender and who is placed at the OAC may be placed for a longer period of time as allowed byTEC 37.304 and 37.37305."

TEA Met Standard - District & Campuses

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