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Katy Independent School District

Opportunity Awareness Center

Dress Code

The OAC standard mode of dress will be followed in addition to the district dress code.

This dress code is essential for students’ safety, and it provides an environment free of distractions.


  • Students must wear properly fitted cotton or cotton blend solid khaki (tan) colored dress pants/shorts/skirt. If the pants/shorts/skirts have pockets there may be no more than four (two pockets in front and two pockets in back. All pockets should be able to be turned inside out and visible.) NO EXTRA POCKETS. Back pockets cannot be sewn. 

  • When buying pants check to make sure you do not buy or have pants with coin pockets, leg pockets, or hidden pockets. 

  • Pants/shorts/skirts must be hemmed with no holes or frayed edges. 

  • Shorts/skirts may be no shorter than mid-thigh in length. 

  • Students must wear a properly fitted belt that is plain black, brown, white, or gray with standard simple buckles. 



  • Students must wear a properly fitted collared long or short sleeve solid white polo-style shirt with no logo and no pocket. 
  • Shirts must remain tucked into pants/shorts/skirts at all times.  


  • Appropriate undergarments must be worn. No gym shorts are allowed underneath pants or be substituted for underwear.  A maximum of two layers of clothing are allowed such as one undershirt 64 and a white collared shirt and one pair of khaki pants and one pair of underwear. 

  • Specifically prohibited are form-fitting or spandex-type materials such as leggings.

  • Students may wear only ONE properly fitted t-shirt (long – or short-sleeved) underneath the white collared shirt but they must be white or gray with no writing, graphics, pictures or pockets.

  • Undergarments must not be visible under a white polo shirt


  • Students must wear rubber sole tennis shoes that are black, white, gray or a combination of these three colors.

  • Shoes must be black, white, or gray. Colors such as red, blue, brown, purple, etc. may not be present even in the stitching, tags or labels. 

  • If shoes have laces, they must be black, white, or gray and must be laced to the top of the shoes and be tied. If they have straps, they must be strapped as designed.

  • No sandals, house shoes, flip-flops, boots, TOMS, dress shoes, steel toe, platform shoes, or boat shoes are allowed.

  • Students must wear only one pair of black, gray, or white socks or any combination of these colors. No other colors are permitted on the visible part of the sock



  • Students may wear a gray or white solid color sweatshirt with no designs over their white shirt. The sweatshirt may not have a hood, zippers, or pockets. 

  • All other jackets/coats will be collected at check-in and will be returned at the end of the school day.

  • Jackets with hoods are NOT allowed


  1. No jewelry is allowed, including any body piercing jewelry, tongue rings or spacers.

  2. Hats and caps are not to be brought to school.

  3. Hats, caps, and headbands are not allowed. 

  4. Any clothing, accessories, symbols, or paraphernalia, which depicts or suggest an association with a gang or illegal activity are not allowed.  

  5. Students are not allowed to bring gum, chapstick, purses, wallets, backpacks, radios, cell phones, make-up, or any other non-school- related item to school. 

  6. Students may bring a small key ring with the student’s house key. Students may bring earbuds to school for instructional purposes. OAC is not responsible if they are lost or missing. Earbuds should NOT be visible in the hallway or in the cafeteria. 

  7.  No watches, activity trackers or smartwatches are allowed.

If the above items are brought to school the item(s) will be confiscated. For the first infraction, the parent or guardian will be called to pick up item(s). The subsequent times the confiscated item(s) will be kept by the assistant principal and returned to the parent or guardian at the end of the program.


Parents will be contacted when a student is in violation of the dress policies of the OAC.

  • All tattoos are to be covered by clothing. If a tattoo cannot be covered by clothing or glove it must be covered by tape, Ace Bandage, or Band-Aid. If a student arrives at school with an uncovered tattoo, it will be considered out of dress code. 
  • Male students must be cleanly shaven. Students will be required to shave at school if they are not clean shaven when they arrive. 
  • Students are not allowed to write or draw on themselves, their clothing, or shoes.
  • No bandanas, headbands or hair jewelry are allowed. •
  • Nails cannot extend more than 1/16 of an inch from the fingertip to the nail tip. 
  • Sideburns must not be below the earlobe. •
  • Make-up is discouraged. 
  • Other than the hard part, no other hair designs shaved into the head are allowed. 
  • Students may only bring $5.00 to school. Parent or guardian will be notified if a student brings more than that amount. Money may be placed in their lunch account by parent request or a parent may pick it up. 
  • Notched eyebrows must be colored in. 
  • No pens, markers or mechanical pencils are allowed. 
  • Students are not allowed to share food in the cafeteria. 
  •  No physical contact including handshakes. 
  •  Students must follow hallway procedures when moving from class to class: 
    • walk silently on the right side of the hallway 
    •  walk in a single file line 
    • carry the crate with both hands o keep moving to the next class
Parents will be contacted when a student is in violation of the dress code policies of OAC.   If possible, OAC will provide clothes in order for the student to comply with the dress code. If the student refuses the opportunity to become dress code compliant, parents may be required to pick up the student or bring appropriate clothes for the student to meet the dress code. If the parent cannot be contacted, the student will be assigned to the Guidance Center for the day. If dress code violations continue, additional consequences may be enforced. 

Any article of clothing or grooming the principal or assistant principal determines is a safety issue or a disruption to the learning environment will be prohibited. 


A student earns free dress Friday if he or she maintains appropriate dress code, passing grades, and has successful days (day counts for placement) of attendance for the entire week. The student will be able to wear their regular clothes as long as the clothes are within the KISD dress code policy with a few exceptions: 
  • No items demonstrating any gang affiliation or illegal activities. 
  • Students must wear appropriate undergarments. No gym shorts are allowed underneath pants, nor may they be substituted for underwear.
  • Specifically prohibited are form-fitting or spandex-type materials such as leggings. 
  • Students may wear only ONE properly fitted t-shirt (long – or short- sleeved) underneath their shirt without a pocket on the undershirt. 
  • All tattoos are to be covered by clothing. If a tattoo cannot be covered by clothing, it must be covered by tape, glove, Ace Bandage, or Band-Aid
  • Other than the hard part, no other hair designs shaved into the head are allowed. 
  • No body piercings other than earrings are permitted. 
  • Jeans or pants with tears above the mid-thigh are not allowed.


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