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Katy Independent School District

Opportunity Awareness Center

Code of Conduct

General Classroom Conduct

  1. Be seated in assigned seat before scheduled time for class to begin.

  2. Have necessary supplies - pen, pencil, paper, book, etc.

  3. Talk only with permission.

  4. Accept redirection and warnings without comment.

  5. Remain seated.

  6. Stay on task.

  7. Complete work assigned.


Lockers are school property and are subject to periodic locker inspections.

Consequences for Misbehavior

The OAC follows the guidelines of the district discipline management and student code of conduct. Students at the OAC are assigned consequences for all inappropriate behaviors.Consequences reinforce decision-making and impulse control. Consequences used at the OAC include but are not limited to:

  1. Removal of Privileges

  2. Principal Referral

  3. Removal from class to Campus ACS (Alternative Classroom Setting) - Students are removed from class a length of time dependent on the behavior of the individual student. Days out of class do not count toward the successful days that are required in order to be eligible to return to the home campus.

  4. Overnight suspension or home-based suspension

Discipline Referrals

Students are referred immediately to the principal or assistant principal for the following behaviors:

  1. Truancy

  2. Possession or use of tobacco products

  3. Profanity / Vulgarity

  4. Physical abuse of students or staff

  5. Insubordination; blatant defiance and refusal to comply with directives

  6. Possession, use or distribution of a controlled substance or attempts to procure, use, or distribute controlled substances or the possession or passing of paraphernalia for such use or distribution. Note:Controlled substances include drugs, matches, white-out, markers, drug paraphernalia of any kind, alcohol, medicine, tobacco, etc.

  7. Public Intoxication: Behaviors indicating a state of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other mind and/or mood altering drugs

  8. Persistent dress code violations

  9. Illegal behaviors such as trespassing, defacing school property, and being in possession of a beeper or paging device.

  10. Behaviors that pose a life threat to the student or to others

  11. Verbal abuse of students and/or staff

  12. Possession, use and/or concealment of a weapon as defined by Texas Penal Code


Law Violation

When a school determines that a state or federal criminal law has been violated, the school shall notify the police department. An investigation will be conducted into the violation and the appropriate criminal justice agency will be notified.


Please Note: The district may also elect to utilize expert resources, including canines and metal detectors, in an effort to keep our schools drug and weapon free. The use of surveillance cameras is also being utilized at the OAC so that the safest environment possible is available for our students.

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It is the policy of Katy ISD not to discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, religion, color, gender, age, or national origin
in its educational programs and/or activities, including career and technology programs, nor in its employment practices
and to provide equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

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