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Garland McMeans Junior High



Building Tomorrow Together 2014 Bond
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Kits for Kids Project Kits for Kids Project 2014-11-25T17:59:52Z<div class="ExternalClassFAD555F9235B4AFFA8CD3A12C5DAB963"><p>​<em>Please support our "Kits for Kids" project to raise money and help collect much needed medical supplies for over 132 developing countries. See the PDF link below for more details. This drive will run through Friday, December 12</em><em><sup>th</sup></em><em>. Students may donate supplies and/or money to their 1</em><em><sup>st</sup></em><em> period teachers. The winning 1</em><em><sup>st</sup></em><em> period will receive a pizza party!  </em></p><p><em></em> </p><p><em><a href="/campus/MMJH/PawPrint/MMJH%20Kits%20for%20Kids%20Flyer%202014.pdf"></a></em></p><p> </p></div>
Student iPad Checkout Student iPad Checkout 2014-11-21T17:05:45Z<div class="ExternalClassE11D7D3235744F85A76AFF4BB332D832"><p>​Katy ISD is excited to provide the opportunity for our students to take home a digital device for learning. A student can check out an iPad to use for a school assignment for a one week period, excluding the Winter and Spring Breaks. The student's parent or legal guardian must first meet with Ms. Thomas, the 8th grade assistant principal, to review the KISD Student/Parent Equipment Use Agreement and sign it along with the student. This document will be kept on file for the current school year. The student will be instructed on proper use and care of the borrowed equipment.  Please call the school at 281-237-8000 to set up an appointment.</p></div>
Paw Print Newsletter Paw Print Newsletter 2014-11-14T20:50:47Z<div class="ExternalClass92D7447E361B4F2083DA61B207615DB9"><p>​The weekly Paw Print school newletter is posted every Friday in the <strong>News-->Campus News </strong>section of the campus website. </p></div>
McMeans 6th Grade International FestivalMcMeans 6th Grade International Festival2014-11-14T16:06:29Z<div class="ExternalClass37942841868949B4AB1C13CAAC9B0CC9"><p>​<strong>Welcome! </strong><strong>Bienvenido!</strong><strong> </strong><strong>Bienvenue! Willkommen! Welkom! </strong><strong>ευπρόσδεκτος! </strong><strong>歡迎</strong><strong>!</strong><strong>желанный</strong></p><p style="text-align:center;"><strong>McMeans 6</strong><strong><sup>th</sup></strong><strong> Grade International Festival</strong></p><p>As part of the Social Studies curriculum, McMeans Junior High will hold its annual International Festival on March 20, 2015. The Festival provides our 6<sup>th</sup> grade students with the opportunity to "travel" from country to country, continent to continent, allowing them to explore each country and geographic region and interact with customs, cultures and traditions. </p><p>The International Festival has been one of our most participated events. Parents, grandparents, neighbors, and other community members contributed to our International Festival to make it a success. In doing so we shared a collective international experience with our children, whether it was our heritage, adopted heritage, a culture we lived in, or a place we traveled to. </p><p>We invite you to join our information meeting on Thursday, December 4<sup>th</sup>. </p><p>Our Social Studies teachers Mrs. Lee Ann Butts, Mr. Joe Lewis, Ms. Ashley Colmenero and Coach Bryan Logan are looking forward to meeting you.</p><p style="text-decoration:underline;">International Festival Information Meeting</p><p>Date: <strong>Thursday, December 4</strong><strong><sup>th</sup></strong> </p><p>Time: <strong>10:00am-11:30am</strong></p><p>Place: <strong>McMeans Library</strong></p><p style="text-align:justify;"> </p><p>If you are interested or have questions please contact:</p><p><strong>International Festival Chair:</strong></p><p><strong>Karen Hartemink</strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p> </p></div>
MMJH Parent Pick up/Drop off MMJH Parent Pick up/Drop off 2014-10-15T13:57:49Z<div class="ExternalClassB7450C6FDA8D44FCB79C91728D898BE6"><p>​The McMeans Bobcat eNews recently sent out a friendly reminder about the safety of our students for drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon.   When picking or dropping off your students, please be vigilant when entering or leaving the property.  We have many children who walk or ride their bikes to and from school.  The sidewalks that the students are travelling on cut across the entrances and exits to the property.  We have had several near misses because of students or drivers not paying attention when traversing these areas.</p><p>Please observe all speed limits when in the school zone. If you drop off your student at the parent drop off, watch for students exiting their cars and for faculty/staff who park in the front parking area.  Also, vision in the mornings is limited and can be an obstacle entering or exiting the drop off point.  Be aware of crosswalks as our students who utilize these may be hard to see.  Cell Phone use in school zones when the lights are flashing is not permitted.  However, please be mindful of students who arrive at school before our school zone warning goes into effect.  Limit cell phone use at this time, as it could pose as a distraction while driving.  Also, please pull up fully in the AM and PM so as to keep the traffic flowing. Please continue to pull up to the furthest point possible, as this cuts down on everyone's wait time.</p><p>Please do not stop in the bend of the drive, or drop students off on Westheimer Parkway.</p><p>Please be cautious and attentive to help us keep all of our students safe.   </p><p>We thank you for your time and concern with the students of McMeans Junior High school. </p></div>
Principal CornerPrincipal Corner2014-09-30T21:08:32Z<div class="ExternalClassAED1CEFD5B574D08AFA585392C3ADEED"><p>Check out Dr. Rice's blog to see our Bobcats' school activities: </p><p><span style="font-family:"calibri","sans-serif";font-size:11pt;"><a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0563c1"></font></span></a></span></p><p> </p><p> </p></div>

Garland McMeans Junior High School

21000 Westheimer Parkway

Katy, TX 77450

Principal: Dr. Susan Rice

Ph: 281.237.8000    Fax: 281.644.1660

School Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.

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