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Katy Independent School District

Shafer Elementary

Awards and Honors

Congratulations to Shafer Elementary’s Counselor, First Grade Team, and Fourth Grade Team for being awarded grants from The Katy ISD Education Foundation!

Description of Grant awarded to Mrs. Leung, Shafer Counselor

Changing Students through the World of Literature will equip students to integrate academic learning with character education. Children will be challenged to create a culture of values that is reflective of Katy ISD’s instructional cornerstones where their hearts will be consistent with their behavior choices. Teachers and students will have access to a variety of children’s books that display the 2013-2014 Core Essentials traits that Katy ISD is emphasizing during the school year. There is an endless amount of ideas that these literary resources can be used for, such as guidance lessons, guided reading groups, shared reading time, and peer mediations! $970.00 was awarded!

Description of Grant awarded to the First Grade Team

Bookin’ It With the IPads involves purchasing eight IPads for first grade. The students will read a variety of books and then complete Book Talks on their IPads to recommend the books to other first graders. This will be similar to the way movie critics recommend movies. The students will present their book talks to the class in order to promote their favorite books. $4,000.00 was awarded!

Description of Grant awarded to the Fourth Grade Team

Padding the Way into the Future was brought about as the fourth grade teachers would continuously pull small groups for targeted instruction for guided reading and guided math, only to be met with the gloomy faces of some students. The team brainstormed about how they could get their students to be excited about small group instruction and to appreciate it and its benefits. The IPad Mini came to mind. Each student in small group will be able to have their own device and have access to material that the teachers otherwise may not be able to provide for them in a whole group setting. Students will be able to utilize their IPad Minis to demonstrate their understanding of the content. As an extension, the students will be able to work in cooperative groups to film a topic about what they were working on during guided reading or guided math. Upon completion, the video can be shared with another group who may still need help, and they will be using a device called a Belkin Rock Star which will allow the students to plug up to five sets of headphones into the IPad Mini. Multiple students will then have access to the same video without disturbing the rest of the class. It is amazing to watch the success that comes with students teaching other students. The IPad Minis will be shared throughout the fourth grade team. $5000,00 was awarded!

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