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Katy Independent School District

Beck Junior High

BJH Counselors

Mrs. Robin Cayon
All 6th grade students & 7th grade last name A-L

Mrs. Denise Ward
7th grade last name M-Z & All 8th grade students

Secretary/ Registrar: Mrs. Jennifer O'Brien - 281-237-3332

Testing Facilitator: Mr. Michael Shukis - 281-237-3333


National Suicide Prevention Hotline




Eighth grade students will be taking the following STAAR assessments this year:

  • April 9    - STAAR Math (does not include students enrolled in Algebra 1)
  • April 10  - STAAR Reading
  • May 6    - EOC Algebra 1 (ONLY students enrolled in Algebra 1)
  • May 13  - STAAR Math Re-Test
  • May 14  - STAAR Reading Re-Test
  • May 15  - STAAR Science
  • May 16  - STAAR Social Studies

Seventh grade students will be taking the following STAAR assessments this year:

  • April 9- STAAR Writing
  • April 10- STAAR Math (ONLY students enrolled in 7th Grade PreAP Math)
  • May 13- STAAR Math
  • May 14- STAAR Reading

  • April 9 - STAAR Math (ONLY students enrolled in 7th Grade PreAP Math)
  • May 13 - STAAR Math
  • May 14 - STAAR Reading

The amount of time the students have to complete the test will remain a four-hour test administration each testing day. The students, teachers, and administrators have worked very hard this school year to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful on the test.

Your support will ensure that your child does well on this test. Here are some things you could do at home:

  • Be sure that your child gets a full night's sleep and eats a good breakfast the day of the test.
  • Encourage your child throughout the year to develop good organizational, time management, and study skills.
  • Avoid pressure in the form of threats and rewards associated with test results and try not to make comparisons to the performance of siblings or peers.
  • Set realistic performance expectations and encourage your child to do their best.
  • Express your confidence in your child's ability to do well.

What to Bring on STAAR Test Days

Students who will be testing should bring:

  • Two #2 pencils
  • A book to read (no eBook readers or any electronic device)
  • Water and a dry snack (no cheesy/messy snacks) – optional

To avoid compromising test security, we ask that parents not schedule appointments, visit or bring their students lunch on testing days. We will be a closed campus on all STAAR testing dates. Also, please note that it is imperative that students arrive on time to school each test day. Students who arrive late to school will not have the allotted 4 hours, and therefore will need to take a make-up test later in the week.

Please review the information below this letter in regard to the district's policy concerning communication devices. For more information regarding the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness or (STAAR) test, please visit the TEA website at the following web address: Thank you for your cooperation and support in helping our students be successful.

STAAR snacks and water

We allow students to bring their own water and snacks for testing. In order to keep testing materials clean students may only bring water, and snacks must be limited to goldfish-type crackers, pretzels, or plain animal crackers, so please do not allow your student to bring candy, chocolate, or potentially messy or oily snacks like potato chips or Cheetos. Thank you for your understanding and your assistance.

District and Campus Cell Phone Policy for State Testing Days

During any state testing administration, students may not have a telecommunications device and/or any type of electronic device on their person at the time of testing. It is recommended that students place all electronic devices in their lockers or leave them at home on testing days.

Each day prior to the beginning of the testing session, the test administrator will collect all student cell phones and place them in a large plastic bag if it was brought into the testing room. The phones must be completely turned off, not just put on vibrate. The administrator will keep them in a secure location during testing and return them when testing is completed. Students must follow the Texas Education Agency and district policies concerning cell phones, watches (with camera and computer capabilities), and other telecommunication devices. If your child's telecommunication device is seen or heard during the test administration, it will be confiscated. If the telecommunication device is confiscated, and it is determined that the device was being used as a means of cheating on the test, your child's test booklet and answer document will be collected and the test will not be scored.

As a parent/guardian, please consider asking your child to leave their cell phone and other electronic devices at home on testing days. We also ask that other devices that can be connected to a cellular device, such as fitness trackers, Fitbits, and/or Smartwatches, not be worn on testing days.


The Texas Education Code defines bullying as engaging in written or verbal expression, expression through electronic means, or physical conduct that occurs on school property, at a school-sponsored or school-related activity, or in a vehicle operated by the district that:

  1. Has the effect or will have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student's property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student's person or of damage to the student's property, or

  2. Is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive enough that the action or threat creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for a student. 

    For more information click: Bullying Prevention  

Legacy Parent Academy

The Katy ISD Legacy Parent Academy is a series of informational sessions specifically designed to assist parents by providing valuable information that relates to topics that go beyond the academic experience.  The goal of the Katy ISD Legacy Parent Academy is to equip parents with strategies and techniques to support their students.  Five of the academy sessions focus on social-emotional learning topics and six focus on academic topics.  The Legacy Parent Academy webpage  includes session descriptions and a link to register for each session is accessible. The Legacy Parent Academy


Off Campus PE Information

Off-Campus PE is an option available for students who participate in an approved individual sport outside of school hours during the week.  Qualifying Information can be found on the Katy ISD website under the Department of Health and Physical Education.  P.E. waiver


CBE Information   Parent Link


Gifted and Talented Department

If you have questions concerning the GT Program, please email Nancy Bryant, our GT Facilitator, at

Summer Science Safari

The junior high years are a perfect time for exploration and investigation. During the weeks of June 3rd, June 10th, and June 24th , Beck teachers Kate Kitchens (6th science) and Kristen Rush (8th science) will be leading 13 lucky children on exciting daily excursions ranging from scuba to iFly, to zip-lines, to exploring Galveston Bay, an A&M chemistry show and so much more (seriously!). Students will be picked up mornings at Beck and returned to Beck in the evening every day but Wednesday, when the group will have an overnight stay at an exotic animal resort after an exhausting day at Fiesta Texas.

If this sounds like something you'd like your exiting 5th grade through exiting 8th grade child to experience, please contact either Ms. Kitchens or Mrs. Rush or check out for more information such as dates available and pricing. Flyers can also be found in Ms. Kitchens' or Mrs. Rush's classrooms or by clicking here for one to print. Here is a video you can watch to see some of the fun we have!


Other Useful Information

Mobile App  'Katy on the Go'

Visit the mobile app page for more information.



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