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Elementary #42 Naming - Olga Leonard Public Forum Wednesday, February 20 at 6:00 p.m. Katy ISD Board Room



Three Katy ISD Facilities Named after Lifelong LegaciesThree Katy ISD Facilities Named after Lifelong Legacies2019-02-19T21:19:33Z<div class="ExternalClass02FEE56F3FA24995BCC6BD95962DC108"><p><span style="text-align:justify;">Another successful Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show is in the books!  This year's event was especially ecstatic as students, teachers </span>and<span style="text-align:justify;"> guests enjoyed a newly constructed complex, like no other in the state of Texas, where opportunities for agricultural sciences education are limitless.  Though physically the buildings are new, there's a wealth of history behind the construction of the three new facilities named after Gerald D. Young, L.D. Robinson and William Edward "Billy" Morgan.</span><strong style="text-align:justify;"> </strong><br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">On Saturday, February 16, the portraits of the three Katy ISD namesakes were revealed during a dedication ceremony.  Among the crowd was living legacy, Gerald D. Young, whom until this day plays an active role in the Katy ISD Livestock Show & Rodeo.  Mr. Young, who was hired to work in Katy ISD in 1980, worked with the 74 vocational agricultural students attending Katy High School.  He was also in charge of the District 2 Livestock Judging Contest, which later became the Katy Invitational Judging Contest.  With his leadership, the program continues to flourish today.  Through his 22 years as a teacher in Katy ISD, Young was responsible for training 60 teams that qualified for state contests.  Of those, 10 won state and seven went on to the national contest, where five teams place in the top five of their respective categories, with one national winner.  He was also instrumental in the advancement of agriculture sciences as part of the District's educational curriculum.  He helped write and lobby for House Bill 3485, which passed, allowing agricultural sciences courses to count for science, math, speech and fine arts.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">"I would tell the young students and teachers in Katy ISD, you have found a home," said Namesake Gerald D. Young.  "There is no better place to teach agricultural sciences than at this new facility," added Young.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">In 1942, L.D. Robinson and his family moved to Katy, TX to pursue his ultimate dream:  to create an FFA chapter like no other.  The visionary educator wanted to create a chapter that included a science farm, livestock show and rodeo, complete with a lighted rodeo arena, among other amenities, which would not cost the district any money.  In 1943, with just $45, Robinson bought nine pigs to raise and auction.  They were housed in the old PTA shack he bought for $12.50, creating a hands-on learning experience for the Ag students.  To gather a crowd for the auction, Robinson had the ingenuity to organize a "Cowboy Sports Rally Rodeo" as entertainment to coincide with the pig sale.  Thus marked the very first Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show and Rodeo.  In 1947, a farm complex, barns, bleachers and an arena were completed just south of Katy High School.  The event developed into the first full-service K-12 program of its kind in the nation.  Because of Robinson's dream and vision, Katy ISD's FFA programs now exists in every high school and more than 3,200 students benefit from the lessons, mission and education offered.  </p><p style="text-align:justify;">About the same time that L.D. Robinson was hoping to auction his pigs, William Edward "Billy" Morgan saw it as a perfect opportunity to get the community involved.  At 19, Morgan found himself and several of his friends performing at the rodeo sports rally and working to ensure it would be successful.  He loved that the livestock show and rodeo was a community project that connected people while providing funds to invest in the FFA program and facilities.   For many years, he as the arena director and was known to many as "Uncle Billy," because of how closely he supported the program and those involved.  When the aging arena needed to be replaced, Morgan and three others took out a $10,000 loan to build it.  They believed in the program and in Robinson's plan that it would one day pay for itself.  The loans were paid back in just three years.  Morgan was also a founder of the Katy Rodeo Committee and served as chairman for more than 30 years.  His passion for agriculture, farming and ranching went far beyond the boundaries of the Katy program.  He wanted to model the importance of volunteering and participating in the community.  Morgan attended every rodeo held up until his death.</p><p><a href="">Photo Gallery of the Dedication Ceremony</a> </p><p><a href="">Video/Broll and Sound-on-Tape (SOT) of the Dedication Ceremony</a><br></p><p><br></p></div>
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Awards Prestigious Recognitions to Katy ISD StudentsHouston Livestock Show & Rodeo Awards Prestigious Recognitions to Katy ISD Students2019-02-08T20:52:11Z<div class="ExternalClass12ABDA2FE05D4347BE06AD1C1BBD1773"><p><strong style="text-align:justify;"> </strong><span style="text-align:justify;">The artwork of 27 Katy Independent School District students has been recognized by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLS&R), with many of those creations now advancing to Grand Prix Judging and to auction.  Best of Show, Gold Medal </span>and<span style="text-align:justify;"> Special Merit were among some of the prominent achievements of Katy ISD art students who have worked tirelessly to perfect their masterpieces.</span><br></p><p>"Our art students take great pride in selecting personal western heritage resources and turning them into works of art," said Assistant Director of Fine Arts Mitzi Jones.  "Rodeo art competition allows students to sharpen their skills, think critically and finalize newly developed ideas into a champion piece," added Jones. </p><p style="text-align:justify;">The HLS&R School Art Program provides students, Pre-K through 12<sup>th</sup> grade, the opportunity to compete in district shows, earn scholarships, travel to summer workshops and display artwork at the Hayloft Gallery at the NRG Center for viewing between February 25 – March 17.  The Grand Prix judging consists of all the 100+ school districts and private schools that participate in the annual competition.  Grand Prix selects which pieces of art will be awarded the Grand Champion, Reserve Champion and Class Champions recognitions.  Those art pieces will then advance to the March 10 HLS&R Art Auction.</p><p style="text-align:center;"><a href="/Documents/020619_HLSR%20Art%20Winners.pdf">Complete list of Katy ISD winner</a> </p><p style="text-align:center;"><br></p><p style="text-align:center;"><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Sarah%20Kim%20-%20Best%20of%20Show%20Elementary.jpg" alt="Sarah Kim - Best of Show Elementary.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:499px;" />Sarah Kim, Davidson Elementary, Best of Show for artwork titled "The Past Before Us"<br></p><p style="text-align:center;"><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Ashley%20Chung%20-%20Best%20of%20Show%20Junior%20High.jpg" alt="Ashley Chung - Best of Show Junior High.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:506px;" />Ashley Chung, Beck Junior High, Best of Show for artwork titled "Next to the Road"<br></p><p style="text-align:center;"><br></p><p style="text-align:center;"><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Angel%20Luo%20-%20Best%20of%20Show%20High%20School.jpg" alt="Angel Luo - Best of Show High School.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:506px;" />Angel Luo, Cinco Ranch High School, Best of Show for artwork titled "Spirit"<br></p><p><br></p></div>
MCTC Automotive Center is Open!MCTC Automotive Center is Open!2019-02-08T21:03:48Z<div class="ExternalClass0FD1CB17905849879D6A7B9DB90FF869"><p>​Miller Career & Technology Automotive Center is open to customers.  </p><p>Student technicians work on most makes and models and are happy to service your vehicle.  </p><p>Set up an appointment and support our MCTC automotive students.! <br></p><p><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/020519_MCTC_Auto%20Tech%20Flyer.jpg" alt="020519_MCTC_Auto Tech Flyer.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:650px;" /><br></p></div>
Katy ISD Represented at 2019 Texas Bluebonnet Awards EventKaty ISD Represented at 2019 Texas Bluebonnet Awards Event2019-02-06T14:17:09Z<div class="ExternalClass68C546E068074DFCA7C1B02036875D19"><p>Each year 10 Texas library districts are represented at the Texas Library Association's (TLA) annual conference and this year Katy Independent School District librarian Diane Austin, as well as 4th grader Charlotte Baker,<sup style="text-align:justify;"></sup><span style="text-align:justify;"> will be representing District 8 in addition to Katy ISD's Wolman Elementary School.  Charlotte will be a part of a student group who will be announcing the grand winner of the Texas Bluebonnet Award.</span><br></p><p>"I love the Texas Bluebonnet Program because not only are children motivated to read books but students have the opportunity to choose the winner unlike many other publishing awards," said Diane Austin, library media specialist at Wolman Elementary. </p><p>Twenty books are chosen each year for the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List.  Schools and libraries around the state participate in the program, encouraging students in grades 3<sup>rd </sup>- 6<sup>th</sup> to read a minimum of five books from the list.  In January, participating students all over the state of Texas cast their vote for their favorite title.  The author of the book receiving the most votes is the winner and is given their award at the Texas Bluebonnet Luncheon.  This year the TLA Annual Conference will take place on Wednesday, April 17 in Austin, Texas.<br></p><p style="text-align:center;"><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/020519_RJWE_Blue%20Bonnet%20Award%20Teacher%20and%20Student%20Picture.jpg" alt="020519_RJWE_Blue Bonnet Award Teacher and Student Picture.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p></div>
Katy ISD Names New Junior High after Joe M. AdamsKaty ISD Names New Junior High after Joe M. Adams2019-02-01T20:57:52Z<div class="ExternalClass4784A1FE80A74BDB819E80FF9A3B12F5"><p><span style="text-align:justify;">Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees approved to name the District's newest junior high school after Joe M. Adams.  The new school is currently being built in the southwest quadrant of the District in the Cross Creek Ranch subdivision.  Adams served on the Katy ISD Board of Trustees for 27 years in every board position and continues to be actively involved in various school and community functions.</span><br>Adams served as director on the Gulf Coast Area Association of School Boards and was also part of the Board of Directors for the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).  During his time on that Board, he earned the distinguished honor of being a graduate of Leadership TASB and was named a Master Trustee.</p><p>A<span style="text-align:justify;">dams was a Keep Encouraging Youth toward Success (KEYS) mentor and volunteer at Taylor High School where he was named Mentor of the Year in 2013.  He actively participated as a Promise to Read and Junior Achievement volunteer.  Adams was also a member of various PTA/PTO organizations and a Taylor High School Band Booster over the years.  He also participated in various bond and attendance boundary modification committees and was a founding director of the Katy ISD Education Foundation.  Adams' dedication to these initiatives showcased and reflected his character, vision </span>and<span style="text-align:justify;"> values.</span></p><p style="text-align:justify;">His commitment to Katy went beyond his involvement in the District as he has served as a member, deacon, and adult Sunday school director at Kingsland Baptist Church, a Katy Christian Ministries volunteer, and a member of the Katy A&M Club, Houston A&M Club, 12<sup>th</sup> Man Association and IMPACT.  Adams was also a former soccer coach for local leagues.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">During his 27-year tenure at the Katy ISD Board of Trustees, Adams experienced the district's exponential growth and was instrumental in ensuring that Katy ISD's reputation for educational excellence continued.   He brought a wealth of knowledge to his position, and along with his genuine passion for public schools, made decisions based on what was in the best interest of the District's students and employees.  His contributions impacted thousands of students and their families.</p><p style="text-align:justify;">In addition to his steadfast devotion to the students of Katy ISD, his professional career consisted of 30 years in the oil and gas industry working for several serviced/drilling companies in New Orleans, Dallas, London, and Cairo, Egypt.  He is also a small-business owner in Katy, TX. </p><p style="text-align:justify;">Adams holds a B.B.A in Marketing from Texas A&M University.  He and his wife, Donna, have two children and seven grandchildren. <br></p><p style="text-align:justify;"><img alt="Joe Adams - Professional Picture.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Joe%20Adams%20-%20Professional%20Picture.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:508px;" /><br></p></div>
Katy ISD Names New Principal for Stephens ElementaryKaty ISD Names New Principal for Stephens Elementary2019-01-22T22:43:27Z<div class="ExternalClass8ED46FA67AED4812BD3C097BF622EA68"><p><span style="text-align:justify;">Ursula Stephens Elementary has a new principal. During the January Board meeting, Trustees voted to name Michael Schwartz as the school's new leader.  Mr. Schwartz was previously the assistant principal at Wolfe Elementary but will now be moving westward to his new home campus off of Fry Road.</span><br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">"I have heard so many great things about the students, staff and community and I am eager to get to know the Stephens Elementary community," said Mr. Schwartz.  "The school has such a great reputation and my mission will be to ensure that this school continues to be a high performing Title I campus in the years ahead," he added. </p><p style="text-align:justify;">With 13 years of experience in the field of education, Mr. Schwartz has spent the majority of his career at Katy ISD.  He began in the district in 2006 as a teacher at Cimarron Elementary.  After five years in the classroom, he served for one year as an English Language Arts/Social Studies (ELA/SS) instructional coach at Cimarron Elementary before briefly leaving the district in 2012.  At that time, he began his first administrative role at Spring Branch Independent School District, where he was an assistant principal at the secondary level for two years.  He returned to Katy ISD in 2014 and became an assistant principal at Bear Creek Elementary for four years before joining Wolfe Elementary in 2018. </p><p style="text-align:justify;">Mr. Schwartz received his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Texas A&M University and he obtained his Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington.<br></p><p><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/012219_USE_Principal%20Michael%20Schwartz.jpg" alt="012219_USE_Principal Michael Schwartz.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:368px;" /><br></p></div>
Katy ISD Names New Superintendent of SchoolsKaty ISD Names New Superintendent of Schools2019-01-15T04:28:34Z<div class="ExternalClass8DBFBD071CF2430A803710635295A9E1"><p>Katy ISD Board of Trustees voted 7-0 to name Ken Gregorski as the new superintendent of schools.<br></p><p>Gregorski is a veteran educator with 26 years of experience in public education. Having served as a teacher, associate principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and deputy superintendent in school districts of different sizes and varying needs, he has demonstrated the ability to lead with determination, vision, and a deep understanding of a community's priorities. He is also the father of two secondary students currently enrolled in Katy ISD schools. </p><p>"It is my mission to provide leadership and direction for Katy ISD to ensure our educational system is based upon the needs of our students, standards of excellence and equity, and on community goals," said new Superintendent of Schools Ken Gregorski.</p><p>During his tenure as deputy superintendent, Gregorski played an integral role in laying the groundwork for the current model of student learning in Katy ISD through his supervision of the School Leadership and Support Department, Human Resources, and the Athletics Department. As superintendent of schools, it is expected that Gregorski will maintain Katy ISD's current direction, sustain its continuity of leadership, and guide the District toward fulfilling the goals of its five-year strategic plan.<br></p><p><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Gregorski,%20Kenneth-%20017%204x5.jpg" alt="Gregorski, Kenneth- 017 4x5.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:444px;" /><br></p></div>
Katy ISD Earns Place on AP District Honor RollKaty ISD Earns Place on AP District Honor Roll2018-12-20T16:03:17Z<div class="ExternalClass8A14B14871EE4445AAD9456B0A90040B"><p>Katy Independent School District is one of 373 school districts in the United States and Canada being honored by the College Board with placement on the 9<sup>th</sup> Annual AP<sup>®</sup> District Honor Roll<strong> </strong>for increasing access to Advanced Placement (AP) course work.<br></p><p>AP final scores are reported on a 5-point scale with 5 being extremely well qualified, 4 is well qualified, 3 is qualified, 2 is possibly qualified and 1 is a no recommendation.<br><span style="text-align:justify;"><br>"From 2017 to 2018, the number of AP exams administered in Katy ISD increased by 20 percent and the number of students participating in AP exams increased by 25 percent," said Alene Lindley, Katy ISD Director of Secondary Curriculum, GT and Advanced Academics.</span><span style="text-align:justify;">  </span><span style="text-align:justify;">"In Katy ISD, 77.4 percent of the 2018 AP exams were scored at a three (3) or better, validating the hard work of both students and teachers," added Lindley.</span><br></p><p>To be included on the AP District Honor Roll, participating districts must: </p><ul><li>Increase participation/access to AP course work by at least 4 percent in large districts, at least 6 percent in medium districts and at least 11 percent in small districts.</li><li>Increase or maintain the percentage of exams taken by Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander students who scored a 3 or higher on at least one AP exam.</li><li>Improve or maintain performance levels when comparing the percentage of students in 2018 scoring a three (3) or higher to those in 2016, unless the district has already attained a performance level at which more than 70 percent of its AP students are scoring a 3 or higher. </li></ul><p style="text-align:justify;">For more information on the AP District Honor Roll, visit the <a href="">College Board website.</a><br></p><p><br></p></div>

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