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Wilson Elementary Becomes 750th Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified SchoolWilson Elementary Becomes 750th Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified School2016-05-26T19:04:29Z<div class="ExternalClass99262286E34040F292987FCCD4E1078F"><p><em>​School commits to helping kids be safer and more responsible online.</em></p><p>Wilson Elementary has been recognized as the 750<sup>th</sup> <strong>Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified School</strong>. Wilson joins 146 schools in Texas and 17 others in the Katy Independent School District in Common Sense Education's award-winning program that prepares kids to address critical issues related to using technology at home and at school -- from creative copyright and protecting student privacy to cyberbullying and sexting.</p><p>"Every time we hear about an incident with cyberbullying or basic privacy concerns, we are reminded that digital citizenship is an essential component to 21st century learning and student safety," said Hailey Schmidt, librarian at Wilson Elementary School. "By certifying our school, we are showing our community just how important this is, and enabling our students, families, and community members to make smarter choices."</p><p>Launched in 2012, the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certification program helps educators, schools and districts create a coherent, community-oriented approach to teaching kids (and grown-ups) the dos and don'ts of the Internet. Common Sense's K-12 curriculum corresponds to what kids are doing online at each developmental stage from kindergarten to high school, and includes community resources for parent and caregivers in English and Spanish. Certified schools and districts are qualified by Common Sense and awarded the designation on an annual basis.</p><p>"In Katy ISD we encourage the use of technology in- and out-side our classrooms," said Katy ISD Digital Learning Manager Jay Sonnenburg.  "It's our job along with the families, to make sure our students are productive, positive, and safe when working and living in this digital landscape."</p><p>The Common Sense Digital Citizenship curriculum has been adopted by all 59 campuses in Katy ISD, reaching over 70,000 kids, and is taught by school librarians and classroom teachers. </p><p>"By becoming a certified school, Wilson Elementary has demonstrated an important commitment to the safety and development of their kids and communities," said Rebecca Randall, vice president of Education Programs for Common Sense.  "As more schools integrate technology, often providing kids devices to take home through 1:1 programs, the responsibility of schools to teach digital citizenship continues to grow."</p><p><a href="">Click here</a> or more information about the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certification Program for educators, schools and districts. </p></div>
Fielder Elementary Chosen for Google Expeditions Pioneer ProgramFielder Elementary Chosen for Google Expeditions Pioneer Program2016-05-26T18:17:20Z<div class="ExternalClassDF6266E18B42445DB707CD7E1DEF97AC"><p>​​T<span style="line-height:1.5;">wenty </span><span style="line-height:1.5;">Fielder Elementary classrooms hosted virtual field trips on May 26, 2016 as part of the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program.</span></p><p>Expeditions is a new Google product that allows teachers to take their classes on virtual field trips, immersing students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom. </p><p>"We are excited our school was chosen by Google for the Expedition Pioneer Program," said Dr. William H. Rhodes, Fielder Elementary principal. "Our students will be virtually exploring sites such as underwater coral reefs, various biomes of the world, and the Grand Canyon—definitely places a school bus cannot take us."</p><p>Fielder Elementary received a tablet for the teacher, and Cardboard viewers and phones for every student. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality viewer made almost entirely of actual cardboard. Cardboard allows anyone with a modern smartphone to experience virtual reality. </p><p>Once the devices are on, the teacher selects a destination, and the entire classroom jumps there automatically. These "trips" are collections of virtual reality panoramas – 360 degree photo spheres, 3D images and video, and ambient sounds – annotated with details, points of interest and questions that make them easy to integrate into curriculum already used in the school. </p><p>During their virtual field trip, students got up close and personal with sharks in the ocean, floated in space and saw scenes from the Apollo 17 mission to the moon.</p><p>The expanding list of possible destinations includes: The Wildlife Conservation Society, PBS, the American Museum of Natural History, the Planetary Society and the Palace of Versailles. While nothing replaces hopping on a bus for a field trip, Expeditions provide an unparalleled opportunity for supplemental learning. </p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> to view pictures from the Google Expedition at Fielder Elementary.</p><p></p></div>
Katy ISD Education Support Complex Closed Friday, June 3rdKaty ISD Education Support Complex Closed Friday, June 3rd2016-05-25T19:55:08Z<div class="ExternalClassD06C365B213848B1BF16F00DA9EAA212"><p></p><p>The Katy ISD Education Support Complex (ESC) will be closed on <span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Friday, June 3</strong></span>, due to graduations taking place at the Leonard E. Merrell Center.  All Katy ISD campuses and other facilities, however, will remain open on June 3.  ​</p><p>We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your continued support.</p></div>
Seven Lakes Junior High Celebrates Being Named "School to Watch" in TexasSeven Lakes Junior High Celebrates Being Named "School to Watch" in Texas2016-05-25T13:48:50Z<div class="ExternalClass1FC95327EBDD45438902DEA2BF022E01"><p>In February, Katy ISD's Seven Lakes Junior High was named one of seven exemplary middle-grades schools in Texas that have been named "Schools to Watch" as part of a recognition program developed by the <strong>National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform.</strong><strong>  </strong></p><p>On Tuesday, May 24, the school received their Texas Schools to Watch banner during a special presentation from Dr. Susan Rice, Principal of McMeans Junior High. Katy ISD Superintendent Alton Frailey also spoke at and attended the event. </p><p><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/DSC_0675.JPG" alt="DSC_0675.JPG" style="margin:5px;width:500px;vertical-align:middle;" /> </p><p><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/DSC_0685-1.jpg" alt="DSC_0685-1.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:500px;vertical-align:middle;" /><br></p><p><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/DSC_0683.JPG" alt="DSC_0683.JPG" style="font-size:14px;line-height:21px;margin:5px;width:500px;vertical-align:middle;" /><br></p><p>Seven Lakes Junior High was selected for its academic excellence, its responsiveness to the needs and interests of young adolescents, and its commitment to helping all students achieve at high levels. In addition, it was recognized for its strong leadership, devoted teachers, and commitment to assessment and accountability to bring about continuous improvement. </p></div>
Guests Share Photos of 2016 Katy ISD Awards of ExcellenceGuests Share Photos of 2016 Katy ISD Awards of Excellence2016-05-23T20:21:36Z<div class="ExternalClass473E34AEE6A045B8BEF2CEB4895FAA42"><p>​The Katy ISD Awards of Excellence event honors 12 students from each high school in Katy ISD who have risen to the top of the class in the following categories: English & Journalism, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Career & Technical Education, Performing & Fine Arts and At-Large. These students then select an Outstanding Teacher who has impacted their high school career. </p><p><span style="line-height:1.5;">Th</span><span style="line-height:1.5;">is year, event attendees were asked to help document the evening on social media. <a href="" target="_blank">Click here to see the tweets and photos guests shared with Katy ISD!</a></span><br></p></div>
Taylor High School Students Win Top Honors at 2016 Congressional Art CompetitionTaylor High School Students Win Top Honors at 2016 Congressional Art Competition2016-05-17T20:10:58Z<div class="ExternalClassE5B47E48BED94F7F80BAD82D21A0A806"><p>Students from Taylor High School took home top honors at this year's Congressional Art Competition hosted by Congressman John Culberson (TX-07). </p><p><span style="line-height:1.5;">Catherine Xu, Amber Wang and Kate Larsen won first, second and third place, respectively. Xu's drawing, "Close Up Encounter," will be displayed for one year at the United States Capitol.</span><span style="line-height:1.5;"> </span></p><p> <span style="line-height:1.5;">"The artwork we see here is truly remarkable," said Congressman Culberson at a ceremony held for the finalists in his Houston office. "Year after year, it is such a treat to witness the great level of talent these students from our district have. </span><span style="line-height:1.5;">Our office received 38 entries from six different schools in Houston and today we have the opportunity to celebrate their hard work."</span></p><p>Each spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide high school visual art competition to recognize and encourage artistic talent. Students from each congressional district in America submit their work to their Representative's office, and panels of local artists select the winning entries. </p><p>Since the competition was launched in 1982, more than 650,000 high school students across the nation have participated in the annual event.</p></div>
Beck Junior High 20th Anniversary Community Celebration is May 21stBeck Junior High 20th Anniversary Community Celebration is May 21st2016-05-12T15:51:38Z<div class="ExternalClass770542EAF6B84959A6739F50A15EC971"><p style="text-align:center;">​<img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Beck.jpg" alt="Beck.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:650px;" /></p></div>
Alexander Elementary Fifth-Grader Performs on NPR Alexander Elementary Fifth-Grader Performs on NPR 2016-05-10T14:27:37Z<div class="ExternalClass9362F898591F4F76B7A082ABB5A0FB61"><p>​Alexander Elementary fifth-grader Bryant Li was featured on NPR's "From the Top." A student of piano with John Weems, he performed for a March episode of the popular radio program. </p><p>Some of Li's musical accomplishments include first place in Clear Lake Symphony Youth Concerto Completion, Overall Winner in Blinn College Young Pianists Competition and first place in Rochelle Liebling Kahan Competition for Child Piano Prodigies. He has also won the Houston Forum Young Artist and Houston Young Artist Concert Artist Award, and more. </p><p>Outside of music, Bryant enjoys public speaking and debate as well as playing soccer.</p><p>Click <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">here</span></a> to hear Bryant Li's NPR performance.</p></div>

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