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Katy ISD Celebrates 2016 District-Wide Campus Teachers of the Year ISD Celebrates 2016 District-Wide Campus Teachers of the Year2016-04-28T21:08:31Z<div class="ExternalClass4DBC23A312404F7B9CB3AB3D6A2F2C00"><p>​</p><p>Katy ISD Superintendent Alton Frailey recently surprised two teachers with the <strong>District-Wide Campus Teacher of the Year Award</strong>. Pattison Elementary teacher <strong>Stephanie Rundell</strong>, and Morton Ranch High School teacher <strong>Tiffany Shirey</strong>, were chosen for the elementary and secondary awards respectively. The campus principal and their family and friends joined Frailey as he personally visited their classrooms to surprise the teachers with this prestigious honor.</p><p><strong>Rundell</strong> teaches English as a Second Language with a focus on Language Arts at Pattison Elementary. A graduate of Katy High School, her passion for teaching came from spending summers working at her mother's child care center where she would tell stories in character voices and acted out scenes. Rundell's motto is "laugh while you learn," and she takes that to her classroom every day as she continues to develop and create innovative lessons, songs, skits and other ways to engage her students. </p><p><strong>Shirey</strong> teaches English, Yearbook, News Magazine, Journalism and Photojournalism at Morton Ranch High School. She vowed to become a teacher who not only teaches content, but more importantly, teaches young people how to be compassionate, well-informed and curious members of society.Through her 16 years in education, Shirey has focused on developing leadership skills in the classroom and finding creative ways for the student body's voice to be heard. </p><p>Both District-Wide Teachers of the Year were recognized along with the District-Wide Principals of the Year during the Teacher of the Year and Principals of the Year Reception and Reunion on April 26<sup>th</sup>. </p><p><a href="/sites/toy/Pages/TOY-2016.aspx" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Click here</span></a> to see all of the elementary and secondary Campus Teacher of the Year nominees.</p></div>
Katy ISD Celebrates 2016 Outstanding First Year Teachers of the Year ISD Celebrates 2016 Outstanding First Year Teachers of the Year2016-04-28T21:06:41Z<div class="ExternalClass6831CA3C199B46BCA8E62D6CBBF05AA8"><p>​Katy ISD Superintendent Alton Frailey recently surprised two teachers with the <strong>District-wide Outstanding First Year Teacher of the Year Award</strong>.  Exley Elementary teacher <strong>Mary Martin</strong>, and Mayde Creek High School teacher <strong>Jennifer Hooker</strong>, were chosen for the elementary and secondary awards respectively. The campus principal and their family and friends joined Frailey as he personally visited their classroom to surprise them with their award and thank them for their contributions to the District. </p><p><strong>Martin</strong> teaches Kindergarten at Exley Elementary. She focuses on engaging her students in activities that meet their individual needs, and leads discussions to help them discover new learning for themselves. With a compassionate heart that makes her students feel safe, Martin believes the biggest impact she can have on her students is to build relationships with them and their parents.</p><p><strong>Hooker</strong> teaches ninth through 12<sup>th</sup> grade Algebra at Mayde Creek High School.  A graduate of Taylor High School, her goal is to "make learning stick," and teaches her students to never settle for less than their very best. Hooker creates innovative lessons and activities in order to make learning fun and engaging. She continually works to find ways to create the right learning atmosphere and has used group settings, hallway learning, anchor charts and technology to help students find what works for them.</p><p>Both District-Wide Outstanding First Year Teachers of the Year were recognized along with the District-Wide Principals of the Year during the Teacher of the Year and Principals of the Year Reception and Reunion on April 26<sup>th</sup>. </p><p><a href="/sites/toy/Pages/OFYTOY-2016.aspx" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Click here</span></a> to see all of the elementary and secondary Outstanding First Year Campus Teacher of the Year nominees.</p></div>
Katy ISD Board of Trustees Selects Namesakes for Three New Campuses ISD Board of Trustees Selects Namesakes for Three New Campuses2016-04-28T14:11:13Z<div class="ExternalClassE41490C9ED4B47FBB3B030952EEA7DAB"><p>​<em>Namesakes represent a legacy of educational excellence in Katy ISD</em></p><p>Last night during their monthly meeting, the Katy ISD Board of Trustees selected the namesakes for Elementary School No. 40, Junior High No. 15 and High School No. 8, which will open in fall 2017, thanks to the 2014 voter-approved bond program.   </p><p>The Board unanimously voted to name <strong>Elementary School No.40</strong>, located in the Young Ranch Subdivision, after Robert and Felice Bryant.  Robert began his career in Katy ISD in 1983 as director of bands and fine arts department chair for Katy High School before being promoted to executive director of fine arts for Katy ISD in 2000.  During his tenure he was named the 2006 Texas Tech University Distinguished Educator, the 2007-2008 Texas Music Administrator of the Year, and the recipient of the 2015 Jacob L. and Sophia Meyer Farb School Bell Award for Lifetime Achievement in Music Education, among other awards. His wife Felice devoted 24 years teaching kindergarten and first grade students in Katy ISD, and was named the Katy Elementary Teacher of the Year in 1997.  She also served as a Keep Encouraging Youth toward Success (KEYS) Mentor and continues to impact students after her retirement through tutoring and mentorship.  Together this couple dedicated nearly 60 years of service to Katy ISD schools.</p><p>The Board also named <strong>Junior High No.15</strong>, located at 4777 Peek Road, in honor of the Stockdick family who have contributed to public education in Katy for more than a century.  In 1895, the Stockdick family was among one of the first families to arrive in Katy and played an instrumental role in opening a one-room schoolhouse on what is now known as Stockdick School Road. Since then, several generations of Stockdicks have attended Katy ISD schools and have served as teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators and board members.  They have also devoted countless hours as volunteers in our schools. </p><p>The Board also voted to name <strong>High School No.8</strong>, located at 23111 Stockdick School Road, in remembrance of Patricia E. Paetow, a lifelong educator who dedicated nearly 30 years to Katy ISD before losing her battle to cancer in July 2015.  Mrs. Peatow began her career in Katy ISD in 1987 as an educational diagnostician.  She then spent the next three decades working in different capacities, including assistant principal, principal, and director of campus administration and support, before retiring as Katy ISD's assistant superintendent of administrative support.  During her tenure, she led Wolfe Elementary to be recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education for the 1989-1990 school year, and opened Betty Sue Creech Elementary in 2000. </p><p>Katy ISD's namesakes have more than just years of education experience.  Living namesakes and their families mentor our students, participate in community projects, and volunteer their time and resources to continue to make Katy ISD the leader in educational excellence. </p></div>
Fielder Elementary Receives Student Council Excellence Award for Second Consecutive Year Elementary Receives Student Council Excellence Award for Second Consecutive Year2016-04-27T15:55:46Z<div class="ExternalClass6404981B29104C3FBC0949486CEBAC31"><p>​<img alt="Web StuCO.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Web%20StuCO.jpg" style="margin:5px;vertical-align:auto;float:right;" />The <strong>Fielder Elementary Student Council</strong> was recently announced as one of 164 recipients of the <strong>Student Council Excellence Award </strong>by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). This prestigious award is indicative of the outstanding work done at Fielder to foster student leadership opportunities. </p><p>"I am very proud of these students and their accomplishments," said Fielder Elementary Principal Dr. William H. Rhodes. "They have excelled in all areas reflected in the goals of the Student Council Excellence Award including community service, student leadership, citizenship and school spirit." </p><p>The Fielder Student Council has worked to positively impact their school and community by conducting a campus rice drive for Katy Christian Ministries in which more than 3,000 pounds of rice was donated, developing school spirit days, purchasing needed school supplies and demonstrating the importance of recycling on campus. </p></div>
Winners of Katy ISD Office of Emergency Management and Power Board Severe Weather Awareness Week Contests Announced of Katy ISD Office of Emergency Management and Power Board Severe Weather Awareness Week Contests Announced2016-04-27T13:29:02Z<div class="ExternalClass94B1CF0CE4274F3A949A0C65115ED970"><p class="ExternalClassBEB799B173054F1F8B14BCD687F412F3">​In coordination with the Houston/Galveston National Weather Service Forecast Office’s Severe Weather Awareness Week from February 29th-March 5th, the Katy ISD’s Office of Emergency Management sponsored two contests for Katy ISD students with support from the Katy ISD Power Board.</p><p class="ExternalClassBEB799B173054F1F8B14BCD687F412F3">Elementary students participated in a poster contest, in which they had to create a poster with a weather safety theme. The contest winners will be recognized by the Office of Emergency Management with a certificate and challenge coin. The class from which the winning poster is submitted will receive an award of $100 for classroom supplies.<br> <br> <strong>Elementary poster contest winners:</strong></p><div class="ExternalClassBEB799B173054F1F8B14BCD687F412F3"><ul><li>Santiago Flores - West Memorial Elementary </li><li>Ricardo Ramirez-Gonzalez – Rylander Elementary</li><li>Aliyah Alfaro – Franz Elementary</li><li>Gabrielle Potts – Stephens Elementary</li><li>Jessica Ghijsen – Alexander Elementary </li><li>Cooper Middleton – Katy Elementary</li><li>Lucianna Cardozo – Morton Ranch Elementary</li><li>Julie Vo – Rhoads Elementary</li><li>Emery Rosas – Golbow Elementary </li><li>Sarah Gupta – WoodCreek Elementary</li><li>Linda Wo – Holland Elementary </li><li>Rheiyln Rodabaugh – Fielder Elementary </li><li>Ayah Razaq – Cimarron Elementary </li><li>Alejandro Gallegos – Hutsell Elementary </li><li>Sydney Skelton – Pattison Elementary </li><li>Annelise Blake – Kilpatrick Elementary </li><li>Hannah Peveto – Mayde Creek Elementary </li></ul></div><p>Secondary students took part in a creative writing contest and wrote short stories about surviving a severe weather disaster and the benefits of preparing before a storm. The winning student from each participating school will receive an e-reader, a certificate, and a challenge coin from the Office of Emergency Management. The teacher who had the winning student will also receive a challenge coin and a $50 gift card.</p><p><strong>Secondary creative writing contest winners:</strong></p><ul><li>Chloe Thacker – Beck Junior High</li><li>Ariana Zenn – Cardiff Junior High</li><li>Daisani Acevedo – Katy Junior High</li><li>Aaliyah Wiley – McDonald Junior High </li><li>Abrielle Cordero – Memorial Parkway Junior High</li><li>Ashley Kawila – Morton Ranch Junior High</li><li>Avery Henry – WoodCreek Junior High</li><li>Jossant Bonilla – Miller Career Center</li><li>Courtney Russell – Katy High School </li></ul><p>Click <a href="" target="_blank">here </a>to view an album of winning posters.  </p></div>
Katy ISD Campuses Recognized as Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified Schools ISD Campuses Recognized as Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified Schools2016-04-26T15:03:42Z<div class="ExternalClassF138DA8EF2AD41F78AFC78EDB85CB334"><p>​Katy ISD had 15 campuses recognized as a Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified School by Common Sense, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and families thrive in a world of digital media and technology.</p><p class="ExternalClassC39E782E03AB44BEB31FB8CB6BEBB312">The following schools have been recognized for demonstrating its commitment to taking a whole-community approach to preparing its students to use the immense power of digital media to explore, create, connect, and learn, while limiting the perils that exist in the online realm, such as plagiarism, loss of privacy, and cyberbullying: </p><div class="ExternalClassC39E782E03AB44BEB31FB8CB6BEBB312"><ul><li>Alexander Elementary</li><li>Cimarron Elementary</li><li>Creech Elementary </li><li>Fielder Elementary</li><li>Hayes Elementary</li><li>Holland Elementary</li><li>Hutsell Elementary</li><li>Katy Elementary</li><li>Kilpatrick Elementary</li><li>McRoberts Elementary</li><li>Rylander Elementary</li><li>Stanley Elementary</li><li>West Memorial Elementary</li><li>Williams Elementary</li><li>Wilson Elementary</li><li>Winborn Elementary</li><li>WoodCreek Elementary</li></ul></div><p>These schools have been using Common Sense Education's innovative and research-based digital citizenship resources to teach students, educators, and parents tangible skills related to internet safety, protecting online reputations and personal privacy, managing online relationships, and respecting creative copyright. The free resources are currently used in more than 90,000 classrooms nationwide.</p><p>Click<u><font color="#0066cc"> </font></u><a href="">here </a>to learn more on how to become certified as a Common Sense Certified School.</p></div>
Tompkins High School Junior Receives Johnson Space Center Residency High School Junior Receives Johnson Space Center Residency2016-04-25T14:29:50Z<div class="ExternalClass3B427755099C4B2390006C4E9190CF70"><p>​FULSHEAR, Texas (Covering Katy) – Movie fans know of the 2015 film The Martian about an astronaut stranded on Mars who shows skill and ingenuity to survive while awaiting rescue. A local high school student has been working with NASA engineers and scientists about a real manned spaceflight to Mars, and has been recognized for her work.</p><p>Brittany Taylor, a junior at Obra D. Tompkins High School, has been selected for a six-day residency at the Johnson Space Center this July. Her selection comes as recognition for her accomplishments in the Texas High School Aerospace Scholars program... <a href="">Click here to view full story on</a></p></div>
POSTPONED: Annual Katy ISD Spring Art Show Annual Katy ISD Spring Art Show2016-04-22T21:05:18Z<div class="ExternalClassEC517D6665484E49ABF0C629A27C0AF6"><p>The <strong>Annual Katy ISD Spring Art Show </strong>scheduled for Tuesday, April 26th at the Leonard E. Merrell Center has been <strong>postponed</strong> <strong>until further notice</strong> <span style="text-decoration:underline;"></span>due to the recent flooding in the area. ​</p></div>
CANCELLATION OF BOARD WORK STUDY OF BOARD WORK STUDY2016-04-18T18:44:21Z<div class="ExternalClassEAD072F1B123490A9825A352A86554A9"><span style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.5;color:#212121;font-family:wf_segoe-ui_normal, 'segoe ui', 'segoe wp', tahoma, arial, sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;"><br></span></div><div class="ExternalClassEAD072F1B123490A9825A352A86554A9"><p>Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of the Katy Independent School District has cancelled the Work Study Meeting on Monday, April 18, 2016 due to hazardous weather. <br></p><p>​The Work Study and Regular Board Meetings will be combined into one meeting held on Monday, April 25, 2016 and will be posted in accordance with the Texas Open Meeting Act.</p><p class="x_p2"><span class="x_s2"></span></p></div>
Aric Bostick to Headline Volunteer Celebration Breakfast Bostick to Headline Volunteer Celebration Breakfast2016-04-14T14:47:11Z<div class="ExternalClass66278829C7854678B9E42A682FEF9162"><p>​Katy ISD’s Volunteer Celebration Breakfast will be held in the Merrell Center Arena on Friday, May 13 from 8:30-10:30 a.m. Hosted by Katy ISD Partners in Education and the Volunteers in Public Schools Executive Board, this annual event honors the thousands of school district volunteers who donate their time to our students and teachers. This year’s guest presenter is nationally acclaimed motivational speaker Aric Bostick with entertainment provided by every Katy ISD high school.</p><p>The Volunteer Celebration honors parents and community members who support their campuses through the district’s Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) program and features the announcement of each campus volunteer of the year via principal videos. Last year, Katy ISD volunteers contributed more than 986,000 hours in support of the district.</p><p>All Katy ISD volunteers are invited to attend and should <a href="/dept/pie/Pages/default.aspx">RSVP </a>no later than May 10th. Doors will open at 8:15 a.m. and the program will begin at 9 a.m. For more information about the event, volunteers should contact their campus VIPS Liaison or</p><p>Volunteers in Public Schools, a Katy ISD Partners in Education program, offers moms, dads, family and community members a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at their chosen campus. </p><p>Click <a href="/dept/pie/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">here </a>to learn more about Partners in Education or to RSVP for the Volunteer Celebration Breakfast.</p></div>
Taylor High School Pacesetters Present Original 4D Performance High School Pacesetters Present Original 4D Performance 2016-04-12T19:08:45Z<div class="ExternalClass0CA0187F87E2424D951338E0B7573746"><p><em>​“Earth Forgotten” to run April 28th – May 1st </em></p><p><img alt="Earth Forgotten.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Earth%20Forgotten.jpg" style="margin:5px 10px;width:200px;vertical-align:auto;float:left;" />The three-time national champions <a href="" target="_blank">Taylor High School Pacesetters </a>will premiere their original show “Earth Forgotten” April 28 – May 1 at the Taylor High School Performing Arts Center, located at 20700 Kingsland Blvd. </p><p>Conceptualized and written by the Taylor Pacesetter Dance Officers and Director Darby Boyd, “Earth Forgotten” will transport the audience to the future through a 4D experience featuring heart-wrenching choreography, aerial dancers, elaborate backdrops and cutting-edge lighting technology. “Earth Forgotten” tells a futuristic story of the oppression of the human race and their struggle for survival against hostile aliens. </p><p><strong>Show times:</strong><br>Thursday, April 28 – 7 p.m.<br>Friday, April 29 – 7 p.m. <br>Saturday, April 30 – 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.<br>Sunday, May 1 – 3 p.m.</p><p>Click <a href="" target="_blank">here </a>for a preview of “Earth Forgotten.” Tickets are $12 and can be purchased by contacting the Taylor High School Dance Office at 281-237-9282. Group rates are also available<em>. </em></p></div>
Early Voting for 2016 Katy ISD Board Election is April 25 - May 3 Voting for 2016 Katy ISD Board Election is April 25 - May 32016-04-11T17:48:31Z<div class="ExternalClass2B55EE3EEE1646FA99E6AEB49C03CDD1"><p>Early voting for the <strong>2016 Katy ISD Board Election </strong>will be April 25 - May 3. Click <a href="/dept/sb/Documents/Election%2016/2016_Early_Voting_Locations.pdf">here </a>for early voting hours and locations. </p></div>
Eight Katy ISD Destination Imagination Teams Head to Global Competition Katy ISD Destination Imagination Teams Head to Global Competition2016-04-11T14:33:19Z<div class="ExternalClass8D2EFC3589664FD7906B6A4029ECA2FE"><p>​Eight Katy ISD Destination Imagination (DI) teams are advancing to the <strong>Destination Imagination Global Finals</strong> to compete with more than 1,400 teams. The world's largest celebration of student creativity, Global Finals will be held May 25 – 28 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. </p><p>DI students began preparing for competitions in September and 21 teams from Katy ISD advanced through the Gulf Coast Regional Tournament to the Texas Affiliate Tournament. Eight of these teams placed in their respective challenges and divisions and have advanced to the Global Finals. </p><ul><li>"DI Champions," Griffin Elementary – First Place</li><li>"The Six Benz," Griffin Elementary – First Place<br> "Creative DI Cookies," Griffin Elementary – First Place</li><li>"Salsa Balsa," Griffin Elementary – Third Place</li><li>"Cosmic Teddy Bears," Beckendorff Junior High – Fourth Place</li><li>"DI Dominators," Alexander Elementary – Fifth Place</li><li>"Smart Cookies," Seven Lakes High School – Fifth Place</li><li>"Pi DI-ers," Katy High School – Seventh Place</li></ul><p><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Destination Imagination</span></a> is a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Texas DI</span></a> is the largest affiliate in the world with more than 3,200 teams.<br><strong> </strong><br></p></div>
CANCELLED: Katy ISD CSI Day Katy ISD CSI Day2016-04-20T15:25:51Z<div class="ExternalClass38865C944DA143999E1CB0B2A77F6636"><p><strong>This event has been cancelled due to school closures Monday, April 18 - Wednesday, April 20. ​</strong></p></div>
Katy ISD Police Department Teams up with Drug Enforcement Administration for National Prescription Drug Take-Back Event ISD Police Department Teams up with Drug Enforcement Administration for National Prescription Drug Take-Back Event2016-04-08T13:19:33Z<div class="ExternalClass754D5AE4259548D4AAFA985530E3FD48"><p>​The Katy ISD Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will give the public its 11th opportunity in five years to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous, expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs on April 30 from 10 a.m. -2 p.m. at the Mark L. Hopkins Law Enforcement Center located at 20370 Franz Road. </p><p>The DEA cannot accept liquids, needles or sharp objects, only pills or patches. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.</p><p>Last September, Americans turned in more than 617,000 pounds of prescription drugs at sites operated by the DEA, and its state and local law enforcement partners. When combined with what was collected in its previous Take-Back events, the DEA and its partners have taken in more than 4.8 million pounds of pills.</p><p>For more information about the disposal of prescription drugs or about the April 30th Take-Back Day event, contact Officer James Grima at 281-237-4024.</p></div>
Stan Stanley Family and Friends Ask for Community’s Help to Honor Beloved Katy Community Member Stanley Family and Friends Ask for Community’s Help to Honor Beloved Katy Community Member2016-04-06T20:08:19Z<div class="ExternalClassA29C81DD1BB241CA8EE7FD39C22273B4"><p>​On Sunday, April 3, more than 1,000 family, friends, staff and community members gathered at Stanley Elementary to celebrate the life of Stan C. Stanley, beloved member of the District and Katy community.</p><p> During the event, Stanley’s family and friends invited the audience and community to join their efforts to get one of the newborn eaglets at the National Arboretum named after Stanley, for whom bald eagles held a special significance. Community members can join the effort by sharing <a href="" target="_blank">this Facebook post</a> and using the hashtags #dceaglecam #nametheeaglets and #soarwithstan. The Department of Agriculture is scheduled to announce the names of the eagles on <strong>April 26th. </strong></p></div>
Katy ISD Accepting Nominations for Naming of Three Schools - Deadline April 18th ISD Accepting Nominations for Naming of Three Schools - Deadline April 18th2016-04-06T20:56:41Z<div class="ExternalClass5EE05ABCD47A4BA1A49CCFACFBAED2BE"><p>​Katy ISD is now accepting nominations for the naming of <strong>Elementary No. 40</strong>, located in the Young Ranch Subdivision, <strong>Junior High No. 15</strong>, located at 4777 Peek Road, and <strong>High School No. 8</strong>, located at 23111 Stockdick School Road. </p><p style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Deadline for submissions is Monday, April 18, 2016.</strong></p><p>Individuals interested in submitting a school name are asked to review the <a href="" target="_blank">Katy ISD Board Policy CW (Local)</a> for specific facility naming guidelines, and fill out and submit the <a href="/dept/sb/Documents/School%20Naming/CWExhibitA.pdf" target="_blank">Nomination for Naming a New School or Facility Form</a>.</p><p>It is recommended that nominations be made with a written statement containing:</p><ul><li>Biographical data</li><li>Significant contributions</li><li>Statement of why a school should be named after the person</li></ul><p>Please submit other supplemental materials, such as in-depth biographies, news clippings, photos, letters of recommendation and/or other printed resources that would assist the board in making a decision.</p><p>The public may submit the Nomination for Naming a New School or Facility form and all supplementary materials by mail to Katy ISD School Naming, Communications Department, P.O. Box 159, Katy, TX 77492-0159.</p><p>Click <a href="/dept/sb/Pages/SchoolNaming.aspx" target="_blank">here </a>to learn more on how to make a school naming nomination.<br> </p></div>
Katy ISD Health Fair is Saturday, April 9th ISD Health Fair is Saturday, April 9th2016-04-01T19:58:23Z<div class="ExternalClassD0F83CE8721442E4B928CAF0F5F6B334"><p><img alt="MrT Health Fair (002).jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/MrT%20Health%20Fair%20(002).jpg" style="margin:5px;width:600px;" /> </p></div>
​​Improving Communication Together: Partnering with your deaf and hard of hearing child's school..."A Winning Season"​​Improving Communication Together: Partnering with your deaf and hard of hearing child's school..."A Winning Season"2016-03-31T19:24:44Z<div class="ExternalClassEA278FC2D355415DB04B9D862BFF407E"><p style="text-align:center;"><strong>​​Improving Communication Together</strong></p><p>Partnering with your deaf and hard of hearing child's school..."A Winning Season"</p><p>Join us for this exciting FREE workshop about hearing loss, technology, bilingualism, and self-advocacy.</p><p>Download our flyer for more information:</p><blockquote dir="ltr" style="margin-right:0px;"><p><a href="/dept/sped/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Improving%20Hearing%20(English).pdf" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:16px;" />Improving Hearing (English).pdf</a> </p><p><a href="/dept/sped/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Improving%20Hearing%20(Spanish).pdf" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:16px;" />Improving Hearing (Spanish).pdf</a></p></blockquote></div>
Katy Named to Top Ten Districts for Digital Education for Third Consecutive Year Named to Top Ten Districts for Digital Education for Third Consecutive Year2016-03-31T16:39:27Z<div class="ExternalClassE9D83470BA104CB58A31EEC6D729AA07"><p>Katy Independent School District was recently ranked sixth among large school districts in the Center for Digital Education's and National School Boards Association's Digital School Districts Survey.<strong> </strong>This is the third year in a row that Katy has been named one of the top ten digital school districts in the Nation.</p><p>School districts' use of technologies such as digital literacy training for parents, student-run technology support centers, robotic systems that record classroom teaching and learning, and data analytics earned top rankings in the Center for Digital Education's and National School Boards Association's annual <a href="">Digital School Districts Survey.</a> </p><p>Now in its 12th year, the Digital School Districts Survey Awards recognize exemplary use of technology by school boards and districts. </p><p>"School districts, with the support of their school boards, are increasingly focused on learning through innovative technologies," said Dr. Kecia Ray, executive director for the Center for Digital Education. "As a result, students are using all kinds of cutting-edge tools that assist learning, inspire creativity and help prepare them for the future. It's my privilege to congratulate these school districts that are making exceptional gains to transform education systems with effective uses of technology." </p><p>"The results of the Digital School Districts Survey exemplify how visionary leadership in the board room supports the innovative use of technology in the classroom and in the delivery of district services," said National School Boards Association Executive Director Thomas J. Gentzel. "The annual survey questions incorporate the latest technology trends and allow district leaders to utilize the survey instrument as a quick self-assessment tool to compare their own districts' use of technology against national trends." </p><p>The Digital School Districts Survey top-ten rankings are awarded to the school boards/districts that most fully implement technology benchmarks in the evolution of digital education, as represented in the survey questions. All U.S. public school districts are eligible to participate in the Digital School Districts Survey.</p></div>
Katy ISD Hosts 31st Annual Katy Folk Life Festival ISD Hosts 31st Annual Katy Folk Life Festival2016-03-31T14:26:33Z<div class="ExternalClass154E25BA6D1E4B1282020001B59904B3"><p>​<strong>What</strong>: Visitors will get to experience pioneer life at the <a href="/dept/olc/Pages/FolkLifeFestival.aspx">Katy Folk Life Festival.</a> Celebrating its 31st year, the festival will take visitors back in time to the 1800s with demonstrations and activities to recreate the era in Texas history. Admission is $1.<br> <br><strong>Where</strong>: Kenneth D. Welch Outdoor Learning Center <br> Katy ISD Education Support Complex<br> 6301 S. Stadium Lane<br>Katy, TX 77494<br> <br><strong>When</strong>: Saturday, April 2 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.<br> <br>Click <a href="/dept/olc/Pages/FolkLifeFestival.aspx" target="_blank">here </a>for more information on the Katy Folk Life Festival.</p></div>
Katy ISD Students Recognized for Imagination by Texas PTA ISD Students Recognized for Imagination by Texas PTA 2016-03-29T19:57:24Z<div class="ExternalClass9AD322590FF04DFBA0418F2D255DA410"><p>​<img alt="""" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/REFLECTIONS_2015-2016_LOGO.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:150px;vertical-align:auto;float:right;" />Twenty-three Katy ISD students advanced to the state level of the <strong>Texas PTA’s Reflections </strong>program. Works from 12 Katy ISD students were then selected for recognition. </p><p>Through Reflections, students in preschool through grade 12 create and submit works of art in six categories: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts. The Reflections program recognizes students at the local, council/region, state and national PTA levels. At each level, all entries are judged on interpretation of the theme, creativity and artistic merit. This year’s theme was “Let your imagination fly.”</p><p><strong>Awards of Excellence</strong><br><strong>Selena Mori</strong>, Pattison Elementary – Dance Choreography<br><strong>Amelia Wells</strong>, Rylander Elementary – Visual Arts <br><strong>Andy Wu</strong>, Fielder Elementary - Literature</p><p><strong>Awards of Merit</strong><br> <strong>Alice Asinovsky</strong>, Beck Junior High – Photography<br><strong>Reese Banister</strong>, Randolph Elementary – Photography<br><strong>Celise A. Brown</strong>, Tompkins High School – Dance Choreography<br><strong>Melissa Finis</strong>, Williams Elementary – Visual Arts<br> <strong>Jeffrey Liu</strong>, Pattison Elementary - Photography</p><p><strong>Honorable Mentions </strong><br><strong>Nicholas Kurima</strong>, Randolph Elementary - Photography <br><strong>Isha Mondal</strong>, Seven Lakes High School – Musical Composition<br><strong>Tatiana Rendek</strong>, Wilson Elementary – Film Production<br><strong>John Si-Cheng Zeng</strong>, Tompkins High School – Film Production<br> <br>Click <a href="" target="_blank">here </a>to learn more about the PTA Reflections Program.<br> </p></div>
Katy ISD Named Among Best Communities for Music Education ISD Named Among Best Communities for Music Education2016-03-28T17:34:23Z<div class="ExternalClassDA7BB0FC506240698C8B2D1B065C1317"><p>​Katy ISD was named among the<strong> Best Communities for Music Education</strong> for the 13th year by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation, which recognizes schools and districts across the nation for demonstrating an outstanding effort to provide music access and education to all students.</p><p>Among the music programs offered in the District are string orchestra, full orchestra, choir vocal ensemble, marching band, concert band, jazz band and multiple individual events of solos and small ensembles. </p><p>The NAMM Foundation is a nonprofit supported in part by the National Association of Music Merchants and its nearly 9,200 members around the world. The Foundation advances active participation in music making across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs. For more information, visit <a href=""></a>.</p></div>
Four Katy ISD Students Earn Medals at National Scholastic Art and Writing Katy ISD Students Earn Medals at National Scholastic Art and Writing2016-03-28T17:29:19Z<div class="ExternalClassAD68F0F34AE04D898375350EEB68DE92"><p>​Katy ISD had four students earn national medals at the <a href="" target="_blank">Scholastic Art & Writing Awards</a>. </p><p>Each year around 300,000 works of art and writing are submitted for local competitions held around the country. Approximately 5 to 7 percent are selected for Gold Keys and advance to the national competition. Works are then judged by renowned artists, art professionals and arts educators on originality, technical skill and emergence of a personal vision or voice. The top 2,000 works in the country earn national medals.</p><p><strong>Art Gold Medalist </strong><br>Jasmine Mack, Katy High School – “Musician”<br><br><strong>Art Silver Medalists</strong><br>Samantha Zepeda, Morton Ranch High School – “The Skyfliers”<br>Daniel Pastrana, Seven Lakes High School – “Bloom”<br> <br><strong>Writing Silver Medalist</strong><br> Erin Cadenhead, Seven Lakes High School – “Metaphors Galore”</p></div>
Katy ISD Students Qualify for Visual Art Scholastic Event ISD Students Qualify for Visual Art Scholastic Event2016-03-22T16:20:20Z<div class="ExternalClassC2FDDD8A7D0E4B489A803E7BBD1368FF"><p>​A total of 46 Katy ISD students qualified to compete in the <strong>Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE)</strong> on April 22-23. VASE provides students the opportunity to bring artwork created in their art classes to regional and state events for evaluation by certified jurors. The following students will present their artwork at the VASE competition:</p><p><strong>Kyeongmin Lee,</strong> Cinco Ranch HS<br><strong>Josephine Schider</strong>, Cinco Ranch HS<br><strong>Caitlin Taylor</strong>, Cinco Ranch HS<br><strong>Maddison Wilmott</strong>, Cinco Ranch HS<br><strong>Lindsay Rutherford</strong>, Cinco Ranch HS<br><strong>Nancy Zha</strong>, Cinco Ranch HS<br><strong>Jorge Berumen</strong>, Katy HS<br><strong>Adi Torkin</strong>, Katy HS<br><strong>Andrea Arrangoiz</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Alexa Baeza</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Rachel Bai</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Luana Da Sacramento</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Maddie Fossitt</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Christine Jeong</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Veronica Hernandez</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Renee Josse De Lisle</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Audrey Liu</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Shaylee Madriz</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Chay Schmidt</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Christina Zhou</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Camille Conner</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Yi Hu</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Andrea Liu</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Natasha Nehra</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Chelsea Tang</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Grace Carter</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Femanda Huerta Lira</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Daniel Pastrana</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Brittany Roberts</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Kathy Wang</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Stephanie Zhou</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Tu-han Ngo</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Savannah Ruddock</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Grace Ardis</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Flora Hu</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Amina Moeen</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Marla Prado</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Allyson Su</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Akhil Thadani</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Elissa Balke</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Allyson Bishop</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Dani Cespesdes</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Fatemeh Ebrahami</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Mahsad Majlessi</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Iris Lee</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Amber Wang</strong>, Taylor HS</p><p>VASE is the only art event of its kind in the nation. Sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association, the program is only eligible for Texas high school students in grades 9-12. <a href="" target="_blank">Click here for more information on this event. </a></p></div>
Katy ISD Students Compete in Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo School Art Competition ISD Students Compete in Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo School Art Competition 2016-03-29T19:10:45Z<div class="ExternalClassCD03D613D8834187B9312DE1BE27D568"><p>​Three Katy ISD student artists recently earned top honors in the <a href="" target="_blank">2016 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo School Art Competition</a>. Taylor High School’s Allyson Bishop was selected as the Class Champion for all 3D artworks. Cinco Ranch High School’s Ashley Coleman won the Reserve Class Champion award for all mixed media art pieces. Tompkins High School’s Lucy Chen won the Reserve Grand Champion award for all high school art and broke the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo record for highest auction amount, $220,000. As a whole, Katy ISD student art brought in $468,000 in this year’s art auction.</p><p>Additional Katy ISD students were selected for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Award finals. Congratulations to the following:</p><p><strong>Western Art Academy</strong>:<br><strong>Allyson Bishop, </strong>Taylor HS<br><strong>Erica Smolik</strong>, Katy HS<br> <em>(Intensive four-week workshop held in Kerville, Texas under the direction of Schreiner University focusing on oil painting/drawing and activities including field trips to local art studios)</em></p><p><strong>Glassell Junior School of Art Workshop Winners:</strong><br><strong>Carys Burnette,</strong> Cimarron Elementary <br><strong>Bernadette Hanselman</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Claire Bai</strong>, Tompkins HS<br> <em>(120 positions are awarded to students K-12 grade selected for one session in the summer or fall in the medium they wish to study.)</em></p><p><strong>Auction</strong>:<br><strong>Lucy Chen</strong>, Reserve Grand Champion<br><strong>Allyson Bishop</strong>, 3D Class Champion<br><strong>Ashley Coleman</strong>, Mixed Media Reserve Class Champion<br><strong>Iris Lee</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Megna Arya</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Allyson Su</strong>, Seven Lakes HS<br><strong>Ben Graham</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Rachel Bai</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Christine Jeong</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Renee Josse de Lisle</strong>, Tompkins HS<br><strong>Amy Yang</strong>, Seven Lakes HS</p><p><strong>Premium 3D Winners (these winners also received a $2,500 instant premium):</strong><br><strong>Joel Contreras,</strong> Cinco Ranch HS<br><strong>Fatemeh Elbrahimi</strong>, Taylor HS<br><strong>Flora Hu, </strong>Seven Lakes<strong> </strong>HS<br><strong>Lauren Santamaria</strong>, Mayde Creek HS</p></div>
Katy ISD to Host Final Presentations for The Water Project ISD to Host Final Presentations for The Water Project2016-03-21T16:32:42Z<div class="ExternalClassEDD2522AD52C4DBBB56825FD2ACCEB53"><strong>What</strong>: Eight teams from Katy ISD’s Beckendroff Junior High will be among the finalists competing in The Water Project. Sponsored by the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMarEST) Gulf Coast Branch, The Water Project competition challenges teams of students to find a viable solution that provides fresh drinking water to people in water-deprived regions around the world. Students will pitch their ideas to a panel of water experts in front of a live audience for a chance to win monetary prizes.<br> <br><strong>Where</strong>: Robert R. Shaw Center for STEAM <br> 1730 Katyland Drive<br>Katy, TX 77493<br> <br><strong>When: Wednesday, March 23 at 6:30 p.m.</strong><br> <br><strong>Contact</strong>: Katy ISD Communications Office, 281-396-2365 </div>
Katy ISD to Host Certified Teacher Fair ISD to Host Certified Teacher Fair2016-03-07T21:42:13Z<div class="ExternalClassE99D909DA1624AC2AF766A413A45BD61"><p>​Katy ISD invites certified teachers to the <strong>2016 Katy ISD Teacher Fair </strong>on Saturday, April 23at the Leonard E. Merrell Center located at 6301 S. Stadium Lane. The elementary session will be from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and the junior high and high school session will be from 1 to 4 p.m.</p><p>All Katy ISD campuses will be represented at the Teacher Fair. No pre-registration or registration fee is required, but participants must show proof of certification or TEA/SBEC content exam scores in order to be admitted. It is also advised that teachers submit an employment application via <a href="/" target="_blank"></a> in advance. The fair is open to current KISD employees who meet transfer eligibility requirements. </p><p>Click <a href="/Documents/2016%20Teacher%20Fair%20Flyer.pdf">here </a>for more information on this event.</p></div>
Instructional Materials Selection 2016 - Parent Input Materials Selection 2016 - Parent Input2016-03-03T18:54:47Z<div class="ExternalClass46F1AB696B3E48D3A33AD0FC635B23B3"><p>Instructional materials for the courses listed below are being reviewed and selected this year for implementation in the 2016-2017 school year. Instructional materials under consideration will be on display during business hours (8:00AM-4:00PM) at the Education Support Complex, 6301 S. Stadium Lane, Katy, TX 77494, until Thursday, March 24, 2016, with the exception of the week of Spring Break, Monday – Friday, March 14-18, 2016. Instructional Materials will also be available for review on Thursday, March 10, 2016 and Tuesday, March 22, 2016 until 7:00PM. Parents and community members will have the opportunity to review these materials and provide feedback to the selection committees making the recommendation.</p><p> </p><table width="100%" class="ms-rteTable-default" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="ms-rteTableEvenRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default" rowspan="1" colspan="2" style="width:50%;text-align:center;"><strong>Course Name</strong> ​</td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableOddRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default">Agribusiness Management & Marketing</td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-default">Latin II, III and IV</td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableEvenRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default">Financial Mathematics</td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-default">Practicum in Architectural Design</td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableOddRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default">AP Human Geography</td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-default">Practicum in STEM</td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableEvenRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default">American Sign Language I, II and III</td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-default">K-5 Music</td></tr></tbody></table></div>
Katy ISD Receives District Administration Magazine’s District of Distinction Award ISD Receives District Administration Magazine’s District of Distinction Award 2016-03-02T21:40:23Z<div class="ExternalClass3AFFFC32D72E484BBCBEFFB962CE75B0"><p>​Katy ISD was selected for <strong>District Administration’s District of Distinction Award</strong> this month. <a href="" target="_blank">This national honor </a>recognizes school districts that use technology in transformational ways to improve learning.  </p><p>Katy ISD was chosen from districts across the country for its use of innovation to increase access to data for all users. The District has been working for more than a year and a half to develop dashboards and data tools to improve decision making and learning at all levels of the organization.</p></div>

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