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​​Katy ISD and Tropical Storm Harvey Frequently Asked Questions*

*These FAQs will be updated as new information comes in.

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Breakfast & Lunch - FREE   

Breakfast & Lunch- Free Throughout October
This week, Katy ISD was granted permission by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to extend our free breakfast and lunch service to ALL Katy ISD students through October 31.  This initiative was previously designated for the month of September. However, because so many Katy ISD families were impacted by the storm, and recovery efforts are ongoing, we requested a program extension that was approved by the TDA.
Should you have any questions about the October free breakfast and lunch program, please feel free to contact the Katy ISD Nutrition and Food Services Department at (281) 396-6240.

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What should I do if my family has been displaced?
If your family has been displaced, your students may receive assistance from the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. Students will receive free breakfast and lunch. This federal law allows families and students living in homeless situations to remain at the school of origin (where the student attended when he/she became homeless or the last school he/she attended), receive transportation to the school of origin or enroll in the local school where the student is temporarily staying.

In order to be considered for this program, complete the attached Student Residency Questionnaire and email it to Additional information can be found at our Federal Programs website.

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Vendors/Service Providers
If you are a service provider or vendor and would like to volunteer support to schools or students with needs arising from the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey, please complete this form. You’ll need to indicate the type of support you would like to offer along with the name of the person who will coordinate on behalf of your organization. A Katy ISD Partners in Education team member will contact your assigned lead as soon as possible.

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Flooded Schools/Campuses/Transportation​

 Nearly 16 of our campuses were impacted by flooding throughout surrounding neighborhoods this past week. Two campuses, Creech Elementary and Beck Junior High, saw more extensive damage than others. Below are updates on Creech, Bear Creek and Beck JH.

Creech Elementary - After having suffered severe damage from flooding resulting from Tropical Storm Harvey, Creech Elementary will have a new temporary home beginning September 11.  Katy ISD and the University of Houston have worked out an agreement to utilize their Cinco Ranch satellite location until campus restorations have been completed.

The University of Houston building located at 4242 S. Mason Road, Katy, TX 77450, is currently unoccupied.  Creech students and staff will be housed in existing classrooms on that campus.  The District will also make minor facility modifications as needed.  Portable buildings and playground equipment will be added to the campus over the next few weeks to extend the teaching and learning spaces available to students and staff.  Since the campus does not have a kitchen facility, Katy ISD's Nutrition & Food Services Department will prepare all meals off site and deliver them to the campus for daily breakfast and lunch service.

Prekindergarten students who attend Creech Elementary will be relocated to Williams Elementary (JWE).  Parents will have the option to send the sibling(s) of those students to Williams, or have the sibling(s) attend Creech Elementary at the University of Houston.

Katy ISD will continue providing transportation to all Creech Elementary students needing such services. Below are the four routes and their schedule:

​Bus Route ​Pick-up/Drop-off Site ​Departure Time

​McMeans Junior High
21000 Westheimer Pkwy
Katy, TX 77450

​7:40 a.m.

Beck Junior High
5200 S. Fry Rd.
Katy, TX 77450

​7:40 a.m.

​Waterstone Apartments
6855 S. Mason Rd.
Katy, TX 77450

​7:41 a.m.
​5068​20900 FM 1093​7:39 a.m.
​Somerset Park Lane & Manor Hollow​7:40 a.m.
​Brighton Hill Ln. & Barker Canyon Ln.​7:40 a.m.


If your area was not impacted by flood waters at all, the Katy ISD Transportation pick-up/drop-off points, as well as route times will continue on the regular transportation service schedule.

UH/Creech logos will be prominently displayed on district buses. The buses will depart from McMeans and Beck Junior High campuses at 8:25 a.m. and return at 4:00 p.m.

In order to accommodate transportation needs and increased traffic near the school, Creech UH Cinco Ranch will continue with a delayed start time of 8:50 a.m. next week, September 18- 22.  Dismissal time will remain at 3:40 p.m.  Beginning Monday, September 25, the campus will return to its regular start time of 8:20 a.m.

We now know that Creech Elementary took on several feet of flood water during the storm.  As a result, the conditions near and around the campus have prevented Katy ISD operations crews from conducting a full assessment of the building.  It is anticipated that an extended amount of time will be required to fully evaluate the building structure, conduct air and mold tests, and make needed repairs. ​

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Lunch Menus

Due to the recent weather event, it is anticipated that vendor food delivery schedules will be impacted— resulting in modified lunch menus beginning September 11. Menus for all grade levels will be available online September 6. Nutritional information for menu items can be accessed on the Nutrition and Food Service website.

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Makeup Days/ Waivers

As many families and staff continue recovery efforts in our neighborhoods, homes and community, we are also slowly but surely getting back on track with the business of teaching and learning across Katy ISD campuses. As you know, our students lost two weeks of instructional time as a result of Tropical Storm Harvey. However, because the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will be waiving up to 10 instructional days, there will be no need to extend the 2017-18 instructional calendar, or to modify the Thanksgiving, Christmas/winter, and spring breaks.

Our Curriculum Department has worked diligently over the past few weeks to realign and restructure the curriculum unit plans to ensure that all state standards will be taught this school year. As such, there will be no gaps in the taught and tested curriculum.

Also, to ensure that our students receive the full benefits of the Katy ISD learning experience, we have identified means to regain lost instructional time to deliver additional support to students. This includes providing enrichment resources for our families, supplementary study opportunities for Advanced Placement (AP) students, and extending four early release days to full days of instruction.

Enrichment Resources for Families:
Online instructional enrichment activities developed by our Curriculum Department are available for parents or guardians to work with their child(ren) at home. These enhanced learning activities are ungraded and optional, and are available on the Katy ISD Curriculum & Instruction website. Each core subject area will be covered for the remainder of the school year. These subjects include language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Support for Advanced Placement (AP) Students:
Additional study opportunities will also be offered to students preparing for the May 2018 AP exams. Review sessions and resources are currently being developed and will be shared with students, and published on the website later this Fall.

Extending Four Early Release Days:
The 2017-2018 instructional calendar included six “early release” days that are typically designated for professional development, teacher preparation, and parent conferences. Four of the previously designated early release days (Oct. 9, 20, Feb 16, April 13) will be extended to full instructional days. This is designed to allow students more time in the classroom, as well as to serve the needs of so many of our families who are displaced by Harvey and depending, now more than ever, on the daily routine of school to bring a sense of normalcy to their child(ren)’s lives. We understand that October 9 and 20 had been set aside for parent/teacher conferences at many campuses. However, in lieu of the in-person conferences, parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers by email and/or phone. Parents should also continue to monitor their student’s progress on the Home Access Center. Friday, December 15 and Thursday, May 24 will remain “early release” days since final exams are given on those dates.

Thank you for your understanding as we move forward with these post-Harvey initiatives to recapture lost instructional time and to provide additional support to our students and families. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your school.


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Mosquito Protection

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Progress Report 1

Progress Report 1, grading periods, and the school calendar
Progress Report 1 will be eliminated. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) Commissioner has granted a waiver for up to 10 instructional days. We do not plan on adding any additional days to the school calendar for the days missed and time allotted for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break will not be impacted. Katy ISD will not be making any adjustments to the established grading periods.

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Resources for Families Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Katy Area Resources and Supports
Katy Disaster Response

  • Local churches (such as Kingsland Baptist Church, St. Faustina Catholic Church and Second Baptist) that will support the community in various ways. You may need to visit their individual websites to complete an online form for assistance.

Other Resources

  • Free babysitting 10am-5pm for kids ages 3 months-10 years. Contact Jenn Slayton (214-277-1247) and Erin Waggoner (281-702-2709) with questions. Available at Journey Church located at 541 Pin Oak Rd Katy TS 77449
  • Katy Child Psychology Associates: offering free 45 minute consultation visits for parents on how to help their children cope and adjust to the impact of Hurricane Harvey. These are consultations and not intended as treatment for mental/emotional disorders. Interested parents can contact their office at 281-829-1599 or send an email to to schedule a parent consult meeting. 

Red Cross Resources/Information

  • Any family that has lost items or been displaced from their home needs to contact the Red Cross immediately if they have already not done so.
    • Greater Houston Red Cross Chapter
      2700 Southwest Freeway
      Houston, TX 77098
      713-526-8300 or 1-866-GET-INFO​
  • Disaster Recovery Guide

  • Recovering Emotionally After a Disaster

FEMA Resources

Houston Area Resources

Food Assistance

  • For a list of food pantries and other food assistance, contact the Houston Food Bank  if-you-need-food, or call 832-369-9390.
  • For disaster food stamp benefits, reach the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP) at 1-877-541-7905.

Harris County

Fort Bend County

   City of Houston Resources/Guide

Insurance Resources

Legal Resources

Mental Health Resources

Resources for Persons with Disabilities

  • The Greater Houston Autism Coalition: created a partnership between other greater Houston organizations to gather input on post-flood needs of persons with autism and intellectual disabilities. Families seeking assistance will be contacted after filling out the form

  • The ARC of Texas: compiled a list of ways to get and give help

  • Disaster Survivors with Disabilities Hotline: 1-800-626-4959

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Interested in Doing Business with Katy ISD
Katy ISD is already working with various vendors to restore facilities to normal operating conditions, including the acquisition of goods and services like building restoration and construction services, furniture, supplies, and equipment. All vendors who have not already registered as a potential vendor on Katy ISD’s Vendor Registration database are encouraged to register by following the instructions provided under the following Katy ISD Purchasing website: Information for Vendors. In the event that your goods or services are needed, an authorized Katy ISD representative will contact you directly. Thank you for your interest in doing business with Katy ISD.

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